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This is a great way to brainstorm and sort our ideas.

We are writing wacky animal report. We need to use true and made up facts to describe our wacky animals.

On plane to Los Angeles 

Buffet dinner at a casino restaurant in California

Meeting Pluto at Hollywood Studios 



Image 1. Extraction of snake venom during the exhibition "Reptiles of the World" in Switzerland in 2014. Photo by: Vassil/Wikimedia

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Made with cotton buds and hot and cold paints. Painted on top of a photo.

Caitlin, Teacher for A Day.

8:45am: Assembly/roll.
9:00 am: Swimming
10:00 am: Art
10:30 am: Morning Tea
11:00 am: Maths
12:00 pm: Topic
12:30 pm: Lunch
1:15 pm: Science
2:00 pm: Reading
2:10 pm: Brain break
2:30 pm: Finish Art
3:00 pm: Game
4:00 pm: Home Time

Water confidence, Perfecting strokes: (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke) and a game.
Painting nature, (trees, bushes, swan plants).
Vertical algorithms and Spirograph.
Maori language, learning the Maori names for things in the classroom.
Experiments, how to write a aim, hypothesis and method correctly.
Read about the wood pigeon and answer questions.
Capture the flag.

This is Bailey sitting on the lawn 
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