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This is my cousin, Faith and I, in an Ice skating rink, in Palmerston  North. 
We had an awesome time, but it was cold and  I kept on falling over.

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This is the dance crew Young and Gifted, performing for everyone at form north.
They competed in the collaboration challenge in Auckland, and did an awesome job!!! 
This is Tyla, Lynell and I having a photo taken with one of the best dancers in the world, Paris.
We had just finished a workshop with her, and it was an fun experience.  

Driving the golf carts with my sister Katie in Zimbabwe when family and friends are playing golf.

Check out my book
(It took me a long time to do!)

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- yummy!

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poor little ginger got a stone in her paw and the padding on the paw had come off. :(
she has to wear a bandage on her foot and has trouble jumping up onto the couch.
The Killer Zombies
Bloody Marys Revenge
who am i - mr o

In the holidays I went up into the Eruwera Ranges about 1hr out of Rotorua for a four day trout fishing trip.
This is my best and worst fish.

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Created using Pic Collage.

Yaron Overeem

Ring, ring, I answered the phone I heard a man say “I’m going to get you “. My heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was ripping through my skin. I looked out the window when I saw a man with an axe. I ran up the stairs and climbed into the attic. I put dad’s army suit on grabbed the knife and put it in the knife case and I opened the gun cabinet and grabbed dad’s machine gun. I thought I heard the man walking up the stairs so I jumped out of the addict and said “Let’s fight dam it.’’ “He wasn’t there I thought where is he? As I walked down the stairs I saw the man going through my dad’s medals I come down, and said stop, stop, going through my dad’s medals the man turns around swings a machete at me and it at me it slices me in the stomach “ahh” lucky I was a couple of meters away but blood started to pour down me like a water fountain. I shoot the man in the back of the head “BANG”!!! The man drops to the ground like a tree being cut down and smashing the ground bloods flying out of the man’s head the man’s finally stopped moving  and he’s finally dead I dragged the man outside I slowly dug a hole and I put the man in the hole I slowly start putting the dirt over him. I go inside I clean the blood but it’s not working I’m slowly bleeding everywhere. I clean my blood but it just keeps coming out. Mum finally gets home she runs over to me to see what happened. I told her everything the look on her face was like she had seen a ghost.
Five years later the police come knocking on the door and said “Have you seen this man”? “No” I replied. The officer left. My mother said “Who was that”? “Just some random  trying to sell curtains”.  But really I had seen that man before it was the man I killed. 

By Kaleb Brett

Dear Nana

This is what I would spent my $1000. I am putting $200 in the bank and then I’m going on a shopping rampage and buying loads of clothes. Sorry if you want me to spend it on other stuff, you can find another favourite.
Yours Eva
This is the letter we would do if we were given $1000
(Another $1000 when we turn 16) 
From:    Bernadine
Subject: Money
Date:     18/09/12
To:         Granny
Dear Granny
Me and my cousin Eva are coming to visit you in Auckland. While we are can you give us a ride to the mall? Eva and I are going to do a huge shopping spree with thousand dollars you have given us. However one hundred dollars from that money will go in the bank for a rainy day. The rest of the money from the shopping spree (if any) will go into the bank as well.
Thanks for the money
Yours Bernadine
This is the letter we had to make saying what we would do with 2000$

To Gran:

Thank you for sending my inheritance early. I have decided to put my money into the bank, because I can't buy much until im 16, so it will gain interest for three years so I end up with more money in my bank, I can then buy a car, so I can get around town and get a actual job so I can become rich!
- Thanks for the money, Chris.
This is the letter we had to write for maths to say what we would do if we got $2000.

Dear Granny,

I've decided to put my money into the bank so I can collect intrest. When I am 16 I will collect my extra $1000 from you and have my other $1000 from the bank plus the intrest!  Happy 70th birthday.

From Jakob.
Window paint is so cool.

Julian from ASB came in today and talked to us about how to use money wisely. He was fantastic and a lot of fun.

Today we went outside to do some practice of the perimeter and area work we have been doing in class. We used chalk and concrete as our working service. Great fun!!

To day we had a go at blind cricket. It was very hard.

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