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              Sarah's crack at Be Funky...

This is my tagxedo with some family,food and cats.

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This is me on my blue motorbike...thought I'd see what it looked like green.

                                         BE FUNKY!!!!!

This pleasant photo is of my chicken Bossy.
she came to live with us in 2011 she was already laying
HUGE eggs and had the furious  attitude  which  is why
she was named Bossy.

This chicken is called Feather, she was a class
pet for Room 2 at Poroti when she was little, she had
a brother that lived with her but went to live somewhere else
Feather is a mum to The Twins, but she chases them away like
every other bird.

Hello im miss Doyhle, i'm very naughty because is
go into the house where im not aloud ;) I was
Sarah's Ag Day chicken for last year it was very
noisy there so I got scared and didn't go to her
she was very cross with me but she still loves me

Theses 3 bantams are Freckles(in the middle)
Blondie(to the left) and the loud roaster, Roaster (to
the right) they stay in a group near the grape vine
they are not laying yet but they are very cute with their
little fluffy feet!

these chickens are the babies of Feather they are called
the Twins. We've watched them grow from eggs the teens.
There's a boy and a girl
so can you tell??????

We had been camping at whananaki for a couple of days, the weather had been great, we were swimming up to three times a day. 
One afternoon dad and his friends were going out on the boats for an evening of fishing, I got to go with them. We got all the bait and rods ready then we set off, we got the boats in the water with no problems and headed out to sea.
When we finally got to our fishing spot we put some bait on our lines and started fishing, the first person to catch something was Beaky, she caught a kawahi, the next thing to get caught was a grandady harpuka dad caught that and then he caught a moray eel, it was trying to eat the sinker.
Soon Russell caught a blue mou mou and then after waiting for about ten minutes  I caught a five pound snapper, it was the biggest fish of the day. 
After that we just waited for some fish to bite and after waiting for half a hour we decided to move to a different spot. When we got to our new spot we saw a six foot blue shark it was glowing florissant blue,glimmering in the water like a turquoise gem. The large creature was circling our boat and my dad and I touched the dorsal finn. After a successful fishing trip we went back to our camp site and had fresh fish for dinner.

                                                                The end
                                                              By Cody.S
this is our famaly tagxedo.
        Ha-ha Happy is running away from the big cows (highland cattle) I took the photo just at the right time! I don't know what the cows names so I just called them Ralph and Ponkie (the dark brown cow is Ralph and the light brown one is Ponkie) 

This is a photo of monarch butterfly just after it hatched. I edited this photo on befunky.
Well I like to dress my little puppy up in pink dresses even though he is a boy. I love my puppy he is very cuddly he is very cute to me, he is very nice, and funny! His name is Happy he just turned 3 on the same day as my niece so basicly  they  are twins. I got him for my 8th birthday but he was a complete different colour. happy's favourite colour is blue, red, and he loves that pink. I think that Happy is a good name for him because he is very joyful. He is not trained because I didn't know how to train him when I was little. He is the best dog ever to me!


                                  Here he is all dressed up!


                              My favourite animal is a dog because they are    
                                        cuddly, playful, and cute!

Here he is smiling for the camera!                                                                                                                                                                                
We are using mindmeister to brain storm what makes a good reader, writer, and mathematician. We will display these on our start of year wall.

YouTube Video

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Create your own mind maps at MindMeister
Create your own mind maps at MindMeister
Create your own mind maps at MindMeister

Me and Melissa winning first!

Me and Minstrel jumping.

Me on Melissa.... the champion rider on the flat!

Me and Minstrel jumping.

Me and Melissa jumping.

Me and Melissa jumping.

Me and Minstrel jumping.

I had a great day riding both my ponies. I got champion, won the barrel racing and had fun on Melissa. I came 2nd in the lunch time jump and also had a great time on Minstrel. I won many more ribbons!

By Laura :)

Open up

Jesse & I on a cannon 
At the Bee hive 

This is Me and Carli at the Whangamumu water falls. We went down the coast on our launch 'Amity' and spent the afternoon exploring Whangamumu Harbour. It was so interesting looking at  the old whaling station. Swimming at the water fall was fun!

We are at Mojo (pronouced mo-go) Its a gold mining colony. We actually got gold!

Wondering what that strange light is in the distance. A BUSH FIRE!

This is when we were in Aukland, the day before we departed to Australia.

If you turned right and crossed the road away from the path you would come to where we lived.

There was these funny seats, unconfortable too! This was at Mojo, near a weird little "fairy tree!"

 Mum, Chrissy and I went
fishing off the wharf at Mania bay.
It was cold windy and had not many bites:( and my hands stank like
rotten fish ewwww

It was so wriggly!! that was the biggest one I caught
 Mum caught a Kahawai bleed it, boned it put it in Grandads frezzer then FORGOT it!!!

See that storm in the top left corner?

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