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This is Sarahs hot cross bun in her lunch box..

Hi guys this is a story about my mum she grew up in Thailand and the culture is a lot more different there she had to do work for her parent just about as long as she lived in Thailand or she would get wacked. Because of her jobs and because she had to walk three kilometres she would get to school really late so her teacher got a long bamboo stick and smacked her on her backside or leg or hand. She had to walk home bare feet with that pain. She would do the dishes at school and because she did that she would get the teachers leftovers for lunch because her parents didn't give her lunch. My mum started school at 7 and finished at 9 years of age there were 400 people in her whole school she finished at 9 years old because her parents got her to quit school so she could do work for them. She is very smart for someone that stayed at school for three years she was chosen to go to spelling bees and is very good at math. She could have been a lawyer or a teacher .
Hi guys, so my most memorable day at school was at camp at the Farm at Whangaruru, it was when we went horse riding, and i was picked to go trotting on Johnny!!! [The horse.] It was so freaky cause i nearly fell off!! 

 Ok so when my dad started school at Parua bay his grandmother was one of his teachers. He had to remember to call her "Mrs Beasley" instead of "Nana". So my dad was like "Nan- i mean Mrs Beasley!"    
Hi guys, so this is me on my first day at Maungatapere School, as usual i was in room 5 with the popular Mrs Hamilton.
So I know i was a little bit cheesy, but that's because i was always so cheesy in photos, for some reason i am still as bad as that sometimes!

Me at my first school photo.

 Me being a baby lobster at my first production next to Luke and Elliott.

My first day of school.
look how adorable I look!
Hi guys my most memorable day at school was Ag day  2013 because Banjo and I did really good . He got a first in best beef breed and third in leading I did pretty good for a beginner  my dad taught me a lot of things as we'll as buying me the supplies. I remember when the red  ribbon (first place ) was put on Banjo I felt like bragging to everyone. That day will live on in my memories.

Wasn't I adorable

Hi guys, one day in the holidays my family and I went caving!! It was a little freaky when we noticed a sign that said "for experienced cavers" but that didn't bother the Beasley family! Lolz! The worst part was when we had to walk through the arctic cold water!!! AHHH FREEZING!!!

Heres me at the (nz) town basin ice rink slaving over my niece, (Amelia) on the ice seal because
she's too lazy! to ice skate herself.

This is my tagxedo I made it in room 7 it has all the things about what I like
hi everyone if you like mine can you leave a comment thanks
This is my awesome tagxedo!!! Its from Please visit the website, its awesome


If you like it leave a comment!!! Thanks.

I chose this shape thing cause it looks cool and it is yin and yang :-)
Black and white is my favourite colour.
tagxedo is a great website for expressing yourself.
music is my passion, passionfruit is good on cheesecake

hi guys,
In my holidays I did a really cool thing. I learnt to canter on my stubborn, pig-headed pony Olive, cantering is going REALLY fast on a horse or pony, and it is really fun you guys should consider It. Also we've got this miniature pony, Kelly lots of little kids came over and tried trotting on her, (going a little bit faster on a horse or pony)
and a lot of them fell off luckily she's so small ha-ha.
In the holidays my mum, dad, a friend and me went to glorious oakura bay for 3 days it was loads of fun we stayed in 2 story Bach that belonged to my mum and dads friends. We went to the beach every day and managed to find some pippis. We will always remember the soft sand and the crashing waves of oakura bay.

It was a hot day...  Jordan, Jack and I (Brodie) sat on the couch hotter than a lava pit begging Mum to go to the pools. Jack (the baby also cousin) was sipping away happily on his fresh milk, me and Jordan (blond hair kid) melting in the hot air. "Ok get in your togs were going to the pools" mum yelled from kitchen. like a couple minutes later we were there it so fantastic!! p.s mum didn't post this photo cause it looks like we watched t.v all holidays we didn't we did lots of cool stuff to so don't worry!   

On Tuesday the 21st to Friday 24th of January I went to a surf school at Sandy Bay for 11 to 17 year olds, we had loads of fun and caught some good waves, our instructors were Simon, Sebastian and Hannah, one day a pod of dolphins came and one of them jumped 5 metres away from my board and almost tipped me, I had a really fun time.

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