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Below are Mr o's best photos from Camp. You can click on each one to see it bigger or, you can click here to download them.

Just coming into Hamilton. 11:38am

This is what happens when Mr Barfoote catches you talking late at night. Lucky for these boys it was only a short time on the deck.

Today it was Tuesday, cabin doors opened and kids piled out in pyjamas to go get there breakfast. The food was really good we had a varity of Weatbix, Cornflakes and much more plus there were some really nice toppings. Later we were going to the Agrodome sheep show which sounded really cool, the bus ride didn't take to long because in few minutes we were there. Parents gave us pink stickers and then we walked through the doors, I was reaalllyy excited now. We sat in long seats and the show started, I man came out and started talking about the sheep, there were fluffy ones, brown ones, skinny sheep and much more! I actually got to go up and he told me to keep his sheep in but when he turned around it JUMPED OUT I was so embarrassed but then I figured that it was suppose to happen and that it was apart of the show so I laughed, but then he FIRED me. Oh well it was very fun and I enjoyed it very much. 

Written by Sarah Maley.

Great sheep show. Will add some video tonight.

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