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This is a poster I made based on fight for freedom

My Mum went to a new school in the 70's called an open plan school.  It had big classrooms and little rooms off to the side where teachers could do quiet work with their classes.  One day her teacher was reading their class the Hobbit and the teacher and the kids didn't notice that it was lunch time and the teacher got in big trouble but all the kids still liked him.
Sports Day
On Tuesday room 7&8 went to the intermediate sports day I played futsal, a small game of soccer 5 aside with my best friend Charlotte and my other friends Laura and Sarah. There were 2 teams I was in team 1 with Charlotte there were 6 or 7 other people in our team but I can’t remember who they were. Anyway I was really excited i could tell it was going to be a really fun day. We played inside, in the stadium there were 2 courts the team i was in only played on one of those courts. The first team we played was whangarei heads ( the school i used to go to )  I thought well ok we will see what they could do well boy was I wrong they were awesome but we managed to tie 5 all. Well how could this get any harder I  thought I quickly sat down next to Charlotte and we started talking about the game we both thought futsal was pretty fun but 15 minutes later it was time for the next game and the next and the next finally it was lunchtime i really thought I deserved a good break so me and Charlotte walked round watching other peoples game we saw a few people we know from other schools and said hi we also brought a sausage sizzle and a drink saying goodbye to our friends we headed back  for our next game it was hard but we managed to squeeze in a slight win. It was such a fun day we managed to get one or two wins two ties and one or two loses all in all it had been a really great thrilling day i loved it i hope to play futsal again one day. :)  

This is a video of our money trail for the Solomon Island Floods. Over $230 dollars given which will go to Unicef to supply 48,000 water purification tablets. This is equivalent to 48,000 bottles of water.

This week in maths we have been learning about deci mats and how we use them here are some pictures showing you what we have done                  


Also we have been learning about perimeter and area

Brewer rd.

142 Barron rd.





Dear Government of Marange

I have a few concerns about the blood diamond trade. Firstly the people who work for you are getting kicked and hit by their employers. They are also not getting enough time to have breaks. Also I think they should be paid more. Secondly the reasons you are selling blood diamonds are horrible, selling beautiful things and using the money to buy weapons to kill people.

Yours sincerely

Brooke Remnant

If you are getting cyber bullied here are some ways to stop it
  • Tell a teacher, parent or someone you trust
  • If it is on a mobile change your number or block the number they are using
  • If on Facebook, twitter change your name
for more information go to

I am always organised for learning because I have all my writing equipment ready to use.
I am always ready to go back to class at the end of lunchtime, on the first bell, because I stop playing and return my sports gear.
I do go outside on sunny days at break-times.
I come down to the mat when the teacher calls because I want to learn.
I always eat my lunch quickly because I want more time to play.
Rainbow Springs Camp Rotorua
3D Maze Rotorua.
the big splash

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