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Fire at Maungatapere
Store and post office destroyed
 20th December 1919  Auckland star

At six o clock this morning, the Dairy Company’s Co-operative store at Maungatapere including the Post Office was completely destroyed by fire. Mary James a passer-by stated, “There were four fire trucks with lights on, screaming loudly. Then I heard a different scream and I saw two firemen dragging out the post offices manager Mr John Smith” John was later taken to the Whangarei Districts Hospital, where he will be having an amputation later this afternoon as he suffered severe leg burns.

The stores assistant manager Andrew Pore informed us that the store had just been restocked for Christmas Mr Pore’s wife tearfully stated “such a shame for Mr Smith’s family and friends.

Local police have been investigating the case. Some think it was arson others think it was some gunpowder that Mr Pore sells that exploded. We may never know for sure but a burnt match was found in the store by the gunpowder.

It is not sure when the store will be reopened again but plans are already being made. 

When my mum went to school she used to always move. She could never stay at the same school for a couple of months!

Awesome wellington experience
On Friday the first day of the holidays. I woke up to a cool brisk morning. As I fell out of bed a thought rushed throw my head. As I spring of the ground and shouted "I'm going to wellington!" As I leached onto my bag sprinted for the truck and throw my bag in the back of the truck and leaped back in side. As mum, dad and Carli loaded up the truck.then of we drove we came to a stop. I heaved open the door we jumped out and sprinted to the whanarai airport. Flight attendant  told us that my flight was delad and we were going to aukland ,hamlton ,wellington. we touched down at aukland airport. We were going to weight for an hour till we go on the next flight we strolled around the
airport. We stopped at don ken donuts. I got a chocolate covered one. we sat down without realising awe name got called out we sprinted to a small plane with one set a side. Hamilton airport was small the only thing they had was a paper plus and a café a four hour weight. We landed in wellington the airport was flash we saw Gandalf riding a eagle then we saw Gollum and some fish. the taxi driver drove us to the fantasy hotel. a little wile after the taxi driver escorted us to the rugby game. Sadly for Mr eagles the Hurricanes smashed the Blues.

By Jared
Internet safety

Videos and photos

-If you post something on a blog or any other website make sure you agree with what your post is because it may cause to being cyber-bullied.
-If you are being cyber-bullied always tell someone.
-Make sure its not effecting someone else.

 Sociable websites

-If you are saying something to someone make sure its appropriate.
-Make sure if anyone is saying something mean then make sure you tell someone or if it is serious make a new account and only tell your closest friends about.

Were all looking for ideas for our science fair ideas on websites and images to either invent or solve. 
"Are we there yet?" I asked eagerly to my sister.  "Not even close,"she said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes at her. Today my family and I were going to go on an exhausting four day walk around the beautiful lake Waikaramoana. It was going to be excruciating. We all jumped out of the dirty van. After a few photos, we were off on exciting expedition. "Wow look at that lovely view," puffed my mum. "We probably haven't seen any of it yet," I said exhaustively. About an hour later we were about a quarter of a way up there and i had raced ahead i stopped by a hanging tree to wait. I looked at the great view of the mountain and the glistening lake. Finally they caught up. How are you going so fast?" asked Katherine huffing and puffing up the hill. I shrugged. Finally we had our delicious lunch. It was amazing to realize that you were half way there. Eventually my dad and i were about twenty minutes ahead. We stopped and waited for the rest of our family. "That view is breathtaking," Rebecca said puffing. About an hour later my dad and I were ahead again, with the hut in our sight. We both placed our packs down and went to save beds for us five."Hey," said my dad to a family we knew. "Hi," they all said. We went to look in the next cabin.We shoved our packs on the bed.
A couple of hours later we were all siting down eating our dinner. "Yum, mush, my favorite," I said sarcastically.    
Hopes beautiful work. 
School affirmations

Rule of the week this week is keep your hands and feet to yourself the affirmations for this rule could be....
I always get along with other people because i only use kind words when speaking to them
I am careful how i act and play around others because i don't want them to get hurt.

Great work from Leone and Caeley
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