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Fire at Maungatapere


Fire at Maungatapere
Store and post office destroyed
 20th December 1919  Auckland star

At six o clock this morning, the Dairy Company’s Co-operative store at Maungatapere including the Post Office was completely destroyed by fire. Mary James a passer-by stated, “There were four fire trucks with lights on, screaming loudly. Then I heard a different scream and I saw two firemen dragging out the post offices manager Mr John Smith” John was later taken to the Whangarei Districts Hospital, where he will be having an amputation later this afternoon as he suffered severe leg burns.

The stores assistant manager Andrew Pore informed us that the store had just been restocked for Christmas Mr Pore’s wife tearfully stated “such a shame for Mr Smith’s family and friends.

Local police have been investigating the case. Some think it was arson others think it was some gunpowder that Mr Pore sells that exploded. We may never know for sure but a burnt match was found in the store by the gunpowder.

It is not sure when the store will be reopened again but plans are already being made. 

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inquire-it said...

OMG that look so cool!

jemma said...

Nice story big sis, love the photo