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The first day of Lake Waikaramoana

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"Are we there yet?" I asked eagerly to my sister.  "Not even close,"she said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes at her. Today my family and I were going to go on an exhausting four day walk around the beautiful lake Waikaramoana. It was going to be excruciating. We all jumped out of the dirty van. After a few photos, we were off on exciting expedition. "Wow look at that lovely view," puffed my mum. "We probably haven't seen any of it yet," I said exhaustively. About an hour later we were about a quarter of a way up there and i had raced ahead i stopped by a hanging tree to wait. I looked at the great view of the mountain and the glistening lake. Finally they caught up. How are you going so fast?" asked Katherine huffing and puffing up the hill. I shrugged. Finally we had our delicious lunch. It was amazing to realize that you were half way there. Eventually my dad and i were about twenty minutes ahead. We stopped and waited for the rest of our family. "That view is breathtaking," Rebecca said puffing. About an hour later my dad and I were ahead again, with the hut in our sight. We both placed our packs down and went to save beds for us five."Hey," said my dad to a family we knew. "Hi," they all said. We went to look in the next cabin.We shoved our packs on the bed.
A couple of hours later we were all siting down eating our dinner. "Yum, mush, my favorite," I said sarcastically.    
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