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Ouch Mrs Morrison getting the STRAP


To the students of room seven,
We, the Board of Trustees, have been alerted to the distressing situation that occurred while the school was closed over the holidays. By now, we know that you are aware that our treasured school Kereru has been kidnapped and is being held captive by a person, or group of people whose identity is still unknown to us. We have also been notified that they have made contact with your class and have told you to follow their instructions if you wish to see the safe return of our Kereru. We understand these tasks pose no risk to your personal safety so we urge you to do your best to follow their instructions, and carry out the tasks to the best of your ability.
However, while you are diligently completing these activities, we would like to hire you for the job of being our private investigators. This is because the kidnappers have already made contact with you and it is quite possible that they may make contact with you again. If they do, they may leave some type of clues that could lead to finding out their identity or whereabouts. 
As you know, the school Kereru has been an important part of the school for a very long time. It has become an icon that we identify with and one that our community has come to love and hold dear. We are very anxious that if our Kereru is not returned safely back to where he belongs, that the entire Maungatapere community may in fact start to lose their identity and the great community spirit that holds us all together will dissipate.
Being year 7 and 8 students you are the leaders of the school, and as you know, with that comes greater responsibility. We cannot think of another group of people that is more suited to the task at hand. It will be a huge undergoing for you but we have complete faith in you and your ability to help us locate our beloved Kereru and bring him home.
Please discuss this amongst yourselves and let us know of your decision. If you agree to step up to the challenge please read the job brief and sign the contract provided.
Time is of the essence and we eagerly await your response.

Kind regards,

The Maungatapere School Board of Trustees
Letter from BOT

Today we had a parrot come and visit outside our classroom. It flew in from nowhere and landed on Ms Caddicks shoulder. It then jumped on several others.
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