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Cross Country

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 Starting with a sprint it sooned turned into a jog then finally a stich filled walk and she was nearly there only 2ks to go, the girl was tired and puffing hard but she was in third place there was hope yet  with two girls in front of her and three behind she knew she could do it. Without another thought she was away sprinting hard but as soon as she neared up behind the girl just in front of her she slowed down. Second was her goal but the girl just in front of her was currently in second place with only 1k to go she didn't know if she could catch up. Something raised her hopes the girl that was currently in second didn't realize she was just behind her. The girl slowed down giving her enough time to burst ahead she was in second and still going strong her feet were going as fast as the cheetahs in Africa and she knew nothing and no one could stop her.  
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inquire-it said...

This is a cool descriptive story brooke