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Dear Santa,

I was looking through the daily newspaper when I stumbled across a piece of your job hiring information. I had a look through the list of jobs and I thought that the Toy Testers would be fun and I personally think I would be great for the job.
My phone number is [*For Safety Reasons*] so please call me back if you are wanting to hire me.

I have not finished yet as I am going to tell you why I'm want to get this job,
I am a toy maker myself and I have had years experience with toys,
Most of my toys were a success and kids liked them,
I am friendly and Fun and love playing with toys,
I really want to have a fun job.

Last of all,
I wanted to tell you a big thank you for making Christmas a wonderful day for all kids around the world.

Yours Sincerely,
Maungatapere School
Dear Santa,⛄️❄️

My name is Jackson.h I am a year eight student next year I will be a year 9 student, I saw that there's in New Zealand advocate this morning a opening for security ealf at your toy making factory and it looked like a job for me. I'm writing this letter to see if I could apply for the job I only work on holidays. You should hire me because I am amazing at protecting people and I ma good with guns and I can keep secrets from people very well and you won't be able to find a better person than me.

Your sincerely Jackson.h
Dear Santa,

I have previously seen your add in the local paper for becoming a candy cane maker, and have decided to apply. I enjoy to bake and ‘LOVE’ candy so I personally think I would do extremely well with this job.
As my qualifications for making candy for a living is quite high, (if you saw the gingerbread house my sisters and I made last Christmas, you would certainly agree we well I have a great skill of candy making. If I were to get the job I would be almost a constant face in your workshop for I will be non stop baking, making and sometimes burning things in your kitchen.

My work times will be every third and fourth term per year but will take the holidays off. I don't want to bother you but making candy doesn't come cheap. I will need money for the ingredients and also my monthly pay. I look forward to your reply and will certainly keep practicing my candy making skills.

Yours sincerely
Heather Robb.
Dear Santa 
I saw in the North Pole paper that your are wanting a toy tester and I would like to attend that job.

I am strong, brave, creative and also I I'm good at flying and shooting guns and much more. I will put in a 100% at all times

So Santa pick me
Dear Santa

I have seen in the paper that you have been awfully sick and won't be able to make the journey around the world to deliver all the presents on Christmas. I am a young girl and my name is Kate.So you can probably guess that I am hinting something here, I want to help deliver all the presents around the world on Christmas while you are not well. You are probably thinking that I am a girl, that Santa is a man and a boy would have to do the job. Well if you are thinking this you are wrong! I believe that girls can do anything boys can do and even more. I do have a lot of talents I am very tall for starters so I would be great at driving the sleigh, cause you know I am not short and I can actually see where I am going! I would be able to do the job really fast because I would use the ‘magic key’ and go and put the presents in the children's stockings! So I wouldn't get stuck half way down the chimney (no affence)! I also think that I would be great because I am very good looking and I have a perfect Santa top that you would be blown away by! Any way I am by far the best looking in my class at school I have shiny hair which is very appealing! I am tall so I stand out in the crowd! Now for me this job is only part time as I would have homework to do because the ‘dog ate my homework’ excuse wouldn't work on me as I don't even have a dog! By now you can probably tell that I really badly want this job so I suppose I will see you on Christmas!!!

Yours Sincerely 

Dear Santa,
While I was reading the Christmas special of the newspaper yesterday, I came across your advertisement and I have to say I was very pleased. I have been looking for a job and this one seemed perfect. 

The job I found was the present wrapping I am no elf but I can wrap presents incredible well not to brag but this is a kind of job interview. I usually wrap presents for birthdays, special occasions and of course Christmas. I am often the one who is asked to wrap the presents for my siblings and parents birthdays and I have been doing that for a few years now. I can even disguise the shape of the object so as not to give too much away.

I have always been a very Christmassy person so I would fit in just fine at your workshop and I here that the North Pole is very pretty at this time of year. I would be more than happy to come work for you in the North Pole and don't worry I am used to cold weather so I can manage. 

Now I don't mean to nag but as everyone I do need pay for supplies such as wrapping paper labels and ribbon and sparkly Christmas pens to write the names on the labels. I do think that we can come to a good agreement on this and I am looking forward to our discussion if I mean when I get the job.

I would just like to add I am a big fan of yours and admire what you do every December 25, so Merry Christmas and please write back soon.

Yours sincerely,
Dear Santa,

I was reading the advocate and I saw your job application for being a present tester. I have all the skills for the job I barely break stuff and I will allways are sure that we have no broken ones. I have always loved toys when I was a kid. I use to have a heaps and I remember when I was a kid my wish was to be one So please consider it.

Yours sincerely, 
Dear Santa
I saw in the paper that you were looking for a toy designer I would be very delighted to take this job.
My skills are..
I am very good at thinking fast not slow
Also I believe in magic

I will send over some of my best sketches and I am 100% that you will love them.
Yours sincerely 
Neve gresswell
Dear Santa
I would like to apply to the naughty and nice list job offer that you have put out in the newspaper.
I am quite  specialized in writing out lists and knowing who has been good or bad.
I am able to work in the school holidays since I am going to become a year nine student and high school work will take over my life with school work. I'm quite a tall girl so I might need to get specially made elf clothing. Hopefully you will agree and make me the naughty and nice list maker.

Yours sincerely 
Gabrielle Byrne 

Dear Santa 
I'm replying to you in regards of the shopping job for Christmas which was  advertised in the advocate. 
I would only be able to work in the school holidays as I have school. I would love to help you with all your Christmas shopping as I love shopping and would love to buy heaps of different presents and shop at different shops. I have all the skills for this job as I will shop all day long until it is done. I would also love to know of different presents that I can buy for my own family. Please consider me for this job.

Your sincerely 

Dear Santa 
I have seen your advertisement in the local newspaper for your need of a reindeer feeder/looking after, I would love to work for you.
First of all I love working with animals as I have had a lamb and a calf we live on a farm and have cats,dogs,horse and chickens. 
I am happy to stay there over the Christmas holidays as we have nothing on and would like to help you out as I know you have lots on.
I was in the library yesterday and was reading about reindeers and I know lots about them and I am happy to study more. I know what they're 5 and one is and what they get feed and so on. Plus reindeers are one of my favourite animals so contact me on 555,666,777

From Gemma 

Dear Santa,
I am writing to you in reply to your advert in the Advocate, which said you require a new productions manager, to supervise the elves, in the advert it said that while you were reading your christmas letters from the children, the elves accidentally painted 40 tricycles a hideous cat sick yellow. I assure you if I am picked for the job, that would not happen. I am available from the 17th onwards, even earlier if necessary, (talk to my teacher about this!) and am a hard worker and will definitely keep everything in order.
I have listed a few of my skills that may help convince you to hire me…

I am a good leader
I spent the 2015 year as a car line monitor at Maungatapere School (big responsibility)
I can also (if necessary) build a few basic toys
I am fun, cheery and happy so would fit right in with the elves
I am awesome with kids(and elves)
I look good in red and white
I could help Mrs Claus with some baking
I can play ‘Mary had a little lamb’ on the piano

I hope that will help you decide to pick me for the job and you can reply to me with my phone number, which i am sure you know, given 10 years of christmas calls. Fingers crossed you pick me!!!
Send my regards to Mrs Claus,
Yours sincerely,


Dear Santa 

I was wrapping Christmas presents the other day for some friends when I realised I really enjoy wrapping presents, and I'm pretty good at it. I also saw an advertisement in the newspaper saying you would love to have some more people to wrap presents for the good children who will be receiving them. 
I can wrap a present in just over a minute and can make these presents look amazing with a big sparkly bow on top, I may need some help with the tape though. 
I would really like the opportunity to work for you in your workshop and I hope I have made it on the nice list.
Yours sincerely 
Dear Santa

I am replying to a job application of reindeer caretaker you put out in the Daily Advocate, I think it said that the elves can't really control the reindeer when they get out of hand. I am ideal for this job because I really love animals, and animals seem to like me, I have experience with large animals because I live on a beef farm in New Zealand raising cows and calves. I also have a lot of time on my hands as I have finished school (wink wink) and I am a extremely hard worker and do jobs efficiently and I do them well.
While I would love to take care of the reindeer some jobs aren't ideal so I am only applying for the following jobs:
Feeding the reindeer
Exercising the reindeer
Refereeing the reindeer games
Sleigh maintenance (Rudolph looks like his harness is itchy)
Protecting from the abominable snowman (machine gun required)
I really hope you pick me!

Yours sincerely 
Alex Dawson
Dear Santa

My name is Emma Yorke and I would like to be considered as a reindeer groomer as advertised in the BELIEVE newsletter. 
I know how to use a curry comb and hoof pick and would polish Rudolph's nose until it shone. I know how to cut up carrots just the way reindeer like them (into little bells so even the most difficult reindeer can't resist a bite).
I have just returned from Alaska where I vaccinated all the reindeer with 6 in 1 which contains treatments for pulpy kidney, black leg, black disease, malignant oedema, tetanus and Jack Frost. I would even take them out for test runs in the slay, prance with Prancer, dance with Dancer, love Cupid, star gaze with Comet, run with Dasher, get Vixen heaps of female foxes (I'll make sure they are foxy ladies), I will let Blitzen and Donner out in thunderstorms (I did some background research and found out there names mean thunder and lightning) and I would change the light bulb in Rudolph's nose.

Yours Sincerely
Emma Yorke
                                                                      Short, fashionable
                                                                Working, cleaner, cooking
                                                            Fit, grumpy, annoying, talkative
                                                                 Funny, irritating, athletic
                                                                         Clever, small
Bright, light
Sunny, tropical, airy 
Fun, exceptional, exhilarating, relaxing 
Windy, dark, sleepy 
Remarkable, romantic 
              Gary,  Wrinkly
   Mud Bath, Eating, Swimming
 Teeth,  Head,  Tails,  Feet,  Fast
   Running,Squeak,Rat Cheese
                 Small, Fur
                                                Phone,Lego,Nerf guns,Sleeping 
                            Playing with nerf guns,Watch YouTube,playing on computer 
                                Tall, strong
                       Annoying, ugly, rugby
            Annoying,   Ugly,   Rugby,   Funny
                       Short, ugly, annoying
                            Rough, tough 

                                                                       Slimy, smooth
                                                            Swimming, jumping, playing
                                                              Fins, sharp teeth, fast, tail
                                                                Killing, eating, chasing 
                                                                       Big, vicious 
                                        Grey, Friendly
                               Clicking, diving, playing
                           Fins, tails, sharp teeth, eat fish
                                 Stalking, killing, eating
                                       Fierce, viscous

                                                              Sleeping,eating, hunting
                                                            Flying,chirping,making nests

                                         Colourful, small
                                    Flying, hunting, diving
                              Birds, shy, common, hunters
                                  Eating, flying, sneaking
                                          Dark,   small
                                                                  Friendly, cuddly
                                                             Hopping, digging, playing
                                                                Tail, fur, 4 legs, eyes
                                                            Meowing, licking, sleeping
                                                                      Soft, squishy
                                                             Cheerful, funny 
                                                       Running, sleeping, eating
                                                  Sporty, brown eyes, rugby, cricket
                                                      Sprinting, napping, climbing
                                                               Annoying, fit
                                                                   Loud ,  short
                                                     Screaming ,  gaming,  annoying 
                                                     Loud,   funny,   kind,   gaming
                                                     Gaming ,  laughing,  annoying 
                                                                   Tall , funny

Touch, strong
Swimming, flipping, searching
Sea creature, mouth, face, stomach 
Climbing, hiding, eating,
Rough, sticky 
Star Fish
     Golden majestic 
  Blubbing  wriggling flopping 
Scales tails smaller than whales 
  Biting chomping swimming 
       Ignorant   scary

                        Dirty ,   furry 
            Searching, sleeping, hiding 
        Tail,   Claws,   Fur,   Sharp teeth
            Sleeping,  Hunting,  Purring
                        Silky,    Lazy
                Cold, Frozen
      Playing, Soveling, Snowing
    Nights, Days, Sporting, Working
       Moving, Swimming, Fishing
                   Warm, Hot

By Storm
                                                                     Furry, soft
                                                        Hopping, digging, playing
                                                               Tail, fur, legs, eyes
                                                         Meowing, sleeping, licking
                                                               Friendly, squishy
                                                                   Silky, Smart
                                                       Meowing, Hunting,Sleeping 
                                                   Tail,     Fur,   Fierce eyes,    Feet
                                                       Hiding, Scattering, Nibbling
                                                                  Tiny, Cheeky

                                                                 Big,  rough,
                                                     Swimming, playing, scaring,
                                                 Fins,    tail,    head,    sharp teeth    
                                                    Hiding, sleeping, sun-bathing    
                                                               Small,  pretty,
          Thin, colourful
   Protecting, moving, breathing
Atoms, molecules, planes people
   Shifting, cracking, shaking 
           Earthly, solid
            elegant huge
     trotting eating galloping
large tail hooves farm-animals
      eating calving sleeping
              patched big
              striped large
     climbing hunting stalking           
tail       fur      dangerous     hunter
    pouncing devouring guarding
               mane huge
Short, pudgy, smart and courageous,
Sibling of Thea,
Lover of writing and cheese,
Fears mean people,
Who needs friends,
Gives hugs and help,
Fast, funny,feathery friend,
Lover of the words " Meep meep!"
Fears wily coyote will kill himself ,
Needs more speed,
Gives wily coyote a bad week,
Would like to see another plan backfire,
Resident of  "Cliff Side Road."
Runner !
Tall, funny, crazy, amazing
Siblings leihana and Ashden 
Lover of rugby and gaming
Fears my mum when she's angry 
Needs to game and play rugby
Gives food and laughter
Like to see dinosaurs come alive
Resident of Mangakahia road 

Blonde, fast, excitable and silly
Sibling of Hayley and Joshua
Lover of the colour purple, chocolate, platypuses and Garfield
Who fears huge bugs, rats and having to do speeches
Who needs food, lots of sleep and a long holiday
Who gives compliments, birthday presents and hugs
Who would like to see an elephant fly and my siblings tidy their bedrooms
Resident of Maungatapere
Scary, lonely, mysterious, dark,
Sibling of the Headless Horseman and Casper,
Lover of death and pain,
Fears ghost-hunters and voodoo dolls,
Needs souls to suck and fear to feed off,
Who gives soiled pants to trespassers,
Who would like to see ghosts rule the world!
Resident of the spooky house down Shady Lane,
Who is fast, fluffy and fat
Who is the sibling of Baby Rabbit
Who is a lover of carrots and family
Who fears humans
Who needs family
Who gives leftovers to the hungry 
Who would like to see all guns burned
Who is a resident of The Field


Cheerful, cheeky, tiny, sporty 
Fidgeting daughter of Wayne  and Kathryn 
Lover of all things sporty and animal 
Who fears spiders, broccoli, and christalised ginger 
Who gives happiness, joy and animal facts 
Who would like see peace and see  animal cruelty stop 
Resident of Simons road 

Bright,cheerful,loud and crazy
Best friend of Patrick Star
Lover of bubble blowing and jellyfishing
Fears of being fished up by humans
Who needs water to survive
Gives happiness to all the people he meets
Would like to see the bubble museum
Resident of bikini bottom
Tall, strong, silly, troubly
Sibling of Sarah 
Lover of my fabulous family, possum trapping, pig hunting
Who fears spiders, rats/mice, bears
Who needs to play rugby, a gun, and a knife, family
Who would like to see a pig giving a good hunt
A giver of possum fur, pig meat
Little,adventurers,cheerful, friendly,
Sibling of Micky Mouse,
Lover of cheese and adventure,
Fears cates and mouse traps, 
Who would like to see cats fall, 
Resident of an old barn, 
Happy, cheerfull, brave and bubbly 
Sibling of Charlotte , Stella and Alice
Lover of cheerleading and netball 
Fears of roller coasters and spiders 
Need to eat chocolate 
Who gives lovely similes and mean glares 
The silver ferns win the netball World Cup 2019
Resident of maungatapere 
Silly, short, kind, sarcastic
Sibling of William, Nick and Marshall
Lover of David Attenbrough and Grandparents
Fears zombies and small spaces
Needs Playstation and maths problems
Gives mum sanity and brothers yellings
Would like to see my brothers NOT being annoying
Resident of Kirikopuni Valley Road

Fast, friendly,talkative, kind
Sibling of Grace
Lover of netball, animals and family
Fears sharks
Needs hugs and family
Gives help, hugs, friendship and happiness 
Would like to see a money tree
Resident of Maunu Estate 
Small, silly, spectacular.
Sibling of ragging ruby.
Lover of sport, motorbikes, hunting and sweets.
Who fears heights, spiders, snakes, horror movies and giving speeches.
Gives presents, joy and laughter.
Who would like to get a good job.
Resident of Maungatapere.

Tall, Fuzzy, Comiedian, Crazy,
Cousin of Daffy Duck and Porky Pig,
Lover of Carrots and Jokes,
Fears Hunters and Un-funny jokes,
Needs a new Joke Book,
Gives Laughter to the World,
Would like to see everyone Happy,
Resident of Looney Toons,

Small, Silly, Spectacular and Sports Fan
Sibling of Tyler
Lover of Sports, Motorbikes, Ice Cream and Chocolate
Who fears Hights, Spirders and Snakes
Who needs Sports, Rugby and Chocolate
Who give Preasent, Joy and Humour
Who would like to see the All Blacks win the cup in 2019
Residentn of. Maungatapere
Tall, talkative, loud, loopy
Sibling of Ethan, Jesse, rosy
Lover of Roxy, mum, dad, bed, home and sushi
Who fears being board, spiders, viciousness dogs and snakes
Who needs water, food, cuddles from Roxy and more food 
Who gives Help happiness to friends and food
Who would like to see me a millionaire a Lamborghini in our drive way and unlimited sushi
Tatton rd 

Cute,cuddly and a hungry calf,
Sibling of Midnight and Freezer, 
Lover of milk and muesli,
Fears Peaches (our last years sheep),
Needs to drink it's daily milk,
Gives me happiness and joy,
Would like to see and pool of milk, 
Resident of Maungatapere.  
Tall, excited, happy, forgiving,
Sibling of Che and Blake,
Lover of chocolate and Xbox,
Fears chucky, Freddy and vegetables,
 Needs more holidays, 
Gives updates on video games,
Would like to see flying cars,
Resident of Maungatapere.

Tall, thin, fast, funny
Sibling of Kieran
Lover of rugby, tae kwon-do and chocolate
Fears heights and bees
Needs to play with friends
Who gives good Christmas presents
Would like to see everlasting ice-cream
Resident of Kokopu road.
Short, strong, fast, vicious,
Sibling of Allan and Sam Craig,
Lover of chocolate and possum trapping, 
Fears sharks and wild boars,
Needs fresh air and hunting,
Gives money and food, 
Would like to see the all blacks and the Warriors, 
Resident of Macbeth road.
Sibling of Brooke and Jimbo 
Lover of swimming and golden syrup
Fears mice and long winters
Needs to spend time with friends
Gives advice and telling offs to siblings
Would like to see the Eiffel Tower 
Resident of Maungatapere   

Tall, competitive, funny, funky
Sibling of Jessie and Sara
Lover of Netball, swimming, tennis and ice cream
Fears sharks, tsunamis and crystallised ginger 
Needs sports and ice cream
Gives cuddles and yummy food
Who would like to see an ice cream land
Resident of Maungatapere 
Storm (My Lamb)
Obedient, quirky, white (sometimes), eater
Sibling of Jake and 100 others
Lover of milk and grass
Who fears electric fences
Needs FOOD
Gives amusement and cuddles
Would like to see a pool full of milk
Bubbly, friendly, likeable, leader
Sibling of Breigan
Lover of gymnastics and white chocolate
Who fears spiders
Who needs too own an animal 
Who gives entertainment to friends
Would like to see no animal cruelty

This is my Guinea Pig that I am bringing to Ag Day.
His name is Lamington.

This is me planting my herbs in my fishbin garden for Ag Day.

This is my duck for ag day. (I did all the welding)
Here is a couple of pictures of my chicken Goldie when she was younger.

This photo is from half way up the mountain!
And this photo is from the very top of the mountain!

Well done Gemma, Jessica, Chloe and Carl on your amazing efforts.

It all started with an envelope that turned up in the mail last Tuesday… It said "To Kate." I thought "That's mums name" but why did it say her name on a army camoed envelope.I was wondering What it said? Mum walked in the room and saw it she snatched it from my hands opened it up and burst into tears. Mum got up and slowly sluggishly walked to the photo of dad and threw it on the ground and ran into her room, leaving the envelope and the photo on the floor. I ran after her wanting to know what it had meant, but I was too late she had slammed the door and I could hear her sobbing into her pillow. I ran to the nearest computer and typed in army camo envelopes to find out what it meant. Nothing came up. Suddenly the door slammed open and a scary looking man was at the door looking through my eyes. I felt the most adrenaline I've ever had. I was spooked. I slowly got out of the chair and started to walk towards the man. What was I thinking walking towards a scary looking man. The man walked backwards and then placed a box on the ground. It was the postie. He then slammed the door and strolled back to his van. I opened the envelope. Then the box. The box had dad's army suit in it. And the envelope had a piece of paper saying we have found Fred Michelle's body lying next to this suit hopefully this will give you some closure I ran to the envelope and opened it up and there was a photo of a man lying next to the suit I looked at the man's face and saw a face that was not dads. I had a feeling that someone was watching me and looked up and saw my mother's tear stained face looking at me "He's dead" she said brutally. "No this isn't him" I said. She asked "What do you mean" I showed her the photo and hope shone on her face. She made a phone call to the army and asked them to check if Fred Michelle was dead there was a ruffle of papers at the other end. 

It all started with an envelope that turned up in the mail last Tuesday…It was a big brown envelope with a blob of red whack with a E on it. It smelt of candles and the city which was odd because we live right out in the country where the city is hours of driving. I went inside to tell Mum if she knew anyone who’s name started with E. She mustn't known of any one as she said “no sorry” I looked at it wondering who would start with E that i knew. I thought of my friend called Ella and thought why would it be her as i would talk to her every day as we were best friends so i wouldn’t know why she wouldn’t tell me. I had know i dear who else would've sent it to me. I decided the best way was to open it. I opened it and screamed, there was a little duckling saying I see you. I'll say this, I'm terrified of ducks, after one chased me in the swamp so this really freaked me out. Nobody knew about my duck-phobia, at least, I didn't think anyone knew. Then it hit me. The envelope smashed through my window with the force of a bullet. It was exactly the same as the other one and as I unfurled it I read notice me? Who was watching, and why. I looked out my window to see if anyone was there, but i couldn’t see anyone. Suddenly my bedroom door shut I went to open it, but it was locked, and my door doesn’t have a lock on it, ok something weird was definitely going on. I was freaking out then a duck was in my room, I hate ducks THIS WAS MY WORST NIGHTMARE!!!  I kept on pinching myself to wake up but it didn't work.

It all started with an envelope that turned up in the mail last Tuesday…

it was a small envelope addressed with my name Taylor Made. I took it inside very confused. "Was it really for me?,if so what is it for?"I thought. I asked mum about it and She told me to open it. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was an invitation to star in a movie called. Tale of a intermediate girl. I was the perfect age as I was starting intermediate school this year.

 I showed mum and we both started squealing with delight. I read out loud and found out I was going to Paris to work with my number one idle Cathy Cassidy. I screamed. My dad entered looking confused. " what's all this racket for?" 
Mum explained it all and dad was over the moon for me. We decided to leave straight away.   
To the airport we went I was packed and ready to go. 

On the way to the airport my mouth was pocket rocketing all the way and I couldn't stop it. Once we got to the airport we went to the lady and gave her our 1st class passenger tickets. She said "These aren't 1st class," and made us follow her to a part of the airport I've never seen before she said "These tickets are for this plane," I looked out the window and there was our very own plane. Dad said "Wow we get our very own plane." I hopped on it and started texting my friends. I couldn't  believe I was going to have my very own movie about me. It took us 24 hours to get there. I could not sleep I was so excited. I started to get a little nervous as the plane landed. What if the director Cathy Cassidy didn't want me after all. 

As we started to get nearer to the set the butterflies kicked in. The set was amazing set up exactly like an intermediate school. On the other side of the intermediate school was a house set up. The room that would be my character Ella Rangers room. It was magical. Pushed up against the left wall was a four poster bed decorated with purple bed sheets,duvets and pillows. Beside it was a sparkly purple bedside table. On the right was a huge walk in wardrobe. Smack bang in the middle was a really pretty purple cat rug
It all started with an envelope that turned up in the mail last Tuesday…
I had dark brown hair with green eyes, my skin was always pale, i was always known to be a shy person so it's extremely rare for him to get a letter since he doesn't have any friends or relatives that he still keeps in contact with.
The envelope was ghost white, it had my name written on the front in fancy writing like someone had gotten a quill and ink and started to write, the envelope was sealed with red wax; a design was marked in the middle of the wax stamp. Confusion gathered in my head, I  was to scared to open it that I  gave it to my mum to keep.10 years later when i was 22, my mum gave the envelope back, since i had forgot about it so my mum had to recap what is was then It click into my mind, it was the ghost white envelope which i was scared to open when i was 12. I sat and thought for a minute 'should I  open it and see what's inside or should i put it away in a dark corner and forget all about it. After 10 minutes or so I  gathered my  thoughts and wits and opened it...Inside a ghostly white piece of paper sat staring up at me. It read the words you are under arrest of kidnapping Mr Thomas I thought it wasn't true, but then suddenly out of nowhere police sirens kept getting louder and louder then over 100 police cars appeared in my driveway. I ran and ducked under my bed and read the rest of the envelope it then said 'this is payback' I thought to myself what did I do to make the police show up at my house.

This takes shared cooperative writing to the next level.. Using Google docs the kids start a story. Then after five minutes of writing they send it to to the person to the right of them.. This carriers on for four or five passes.
The end result is lots of reading, writing and learning from others writing styles.

This term room 7 has been deconstructing different appliances and devises to see what is in them and how they work. We have taken apart, cell phones, laptops, printers, egg beaters, video records, and many other interesting things.
From this we have created some junk robots. These are a few of our amazing creations.

Well done Gemma on your Highly Commended Year 7 Investigation award.

This is one of the snakes at the kula wildlife park which is opposite of resort

"Kate could you go and get the vacuum out of the cupboard please". "Yes dad " I said.

 As I reach into the cupboard I notice a blue plastic square and beside it was a massive brick square so I picked them up! 
"Hurry up Kate these floors won't clean themselves" I heard dad say, so I grab the vacuum and give it to dad.

 As I was heading back to the cupboard to find out more about the weird olden day technology, I see mum in the cupboard, so I just keep walking.

 Later on that day I went back into the cupboard. I look around and I can't see the things anywhere. I look where I saw them last, I can not see them anywhere.Then I think back to seeing my mum in the cupboard, what was she doing? Why was she in there? And if she was hiding the old technology, why would she, was there something she didn't want anyone to see on there!? I look up and see them, so I get at shirt and hit them off the shelf!

 I grab them and run to my room, closing the door behind me. I find a slot in the brick thing and it turned out it was a computer, anyway I put the blue disk thing in and up came a secret recipe for sweet and sour pork!

 I go down to the kitchen and show mum. "I knew you would find that someday" she said " I'm making sweet and sour pork tonight, so you will get to try my secret recipe"! I go back down to my room, very disappointed I was hoping to have found out something unusual, but I suppose there's plenty of time for mystery! And I really want to go try that sweets and sour pork!
A fun day had by all!

jackson clark

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