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This is a photo of me when I was five.

Now this is the way all tests should be.

"Boom, crash, RAAARR!" My dream ended as a mutant abomination lunged at me and I sat bolt upright , taking in my surroundings. I realised I  wasn't  in the nightmare film set. I was in my room, and there was a present on my bed. It was Christmas day!!

two hours later the whole Dawson clan had gathered (Nana, Poppa, Grandma, Grandad, Mum, Dad, Will, Nick, Marshall, Suzy the bull mastiff and I) and we were able to get underway the parents prezzies were up next and after some pretty peculiar things ( I mean a solar light for grandad!?)  Us kiddies were up next!

The presents were amazing. I got, in no specific order,  a Percy Jackson book, a Lego imperial star destroyer, coke, Rayman legends ( a video game), a flashlight and marshmallow roasters. And that was only half of them!!!

After playing capture the flag with Nerf guns, outdoor cricket, and having a swingball championship we went to Grandmas and Grandads to simmer down and have dinner. When we came home we went to bed (Christmas day was pretty tiring, but isn't it always??)
I jumped out of bed and ran into Mum and Dad and yelled get up it's Christmas. Christmas was finally here.
All I wanted to do was open presents I asked mum if I could open one but she said 'You're  going to have to wait until everyone else gets here'. After waiting 1 or 2 hours my family started to arrive it was like 100 presents coming in the door. We sat down for presents  really only kids got the presents presents but every one got something. I got a PS3,Bluetooth speaker,chocolate fondue set,pool and a floatie toy for my Nesses and Nephew got hundreds of presents but they weren't very good they were just cheap plastic things.
Then we had breakfast it was bacon and eggs,pancakes and maple syrup. After that and once everyone had left I went in to my room and started to play my PS3 I played far cry3 blood dragon. And that was my Christmas. 

I woke up to the neighbour's roster on a bright sunny day. I leaped out of bed and shook my brothers back and forth until they woke up. I tried to wake up my parents but Dad said "5 more minutes" in a morning voice. "It's Christmas!" Soon they all came out of bed, and we started the unwrapping.

 We unwrapped a small package and found $37, then we unwrapped a bigger one  and found scorched almonds and gun that fired rubber bands. Mum and Dad got presents to, Dad got a new LG touch screen and Mum got 5 boxes of chocolates. We left to grand parents, we couldn't wait to try our guns. When we got there we got some disposable cups and lay them out, then we let loose the rubber band was so powerful that it teared a hole in the cup. When we got inside we could smell the roast pork the sausies and the potato salad. The pork was mouth watering with gravy, the sausies  were great. Then the steak came in. It was tender with marinade  and the potato salad was nice. Then came the desert chocolate ice cream pavlova,  meringue and sponge cake (chocolate). Then it was presents time, we gave out our bagged goodies to our cousins then came the interesting part. Our cousins came out with     big bags of air horns, sunglasses, Jaffers, feddo frogs red skins, water guns, pineapple lumps and chocolate fish.  After a day of rubber band shooting ,Christmas deserts and  present unwrapping we leaft with a thanks and a smile on our faces.

I loved Christmas because I saw my family again and I got some more prezzies to add on to my stake of toys. I loved this year's Christmas  and I can't wait to have it again.


 The Dick Smith NRL Auckland NINES                                                                                                     This was one of my favourite hoildays.

 I woke up at the sound of a sirin and with a shock I realised it was Christmas Day. I ran out of the tent
with my two brothers Nate and Rico to see what that annoying sound was. We looked around and saw nothing happening then we  heard the sirin getting closer, and just behind the trees I saw three bright 
red vehicles. Santa was sitting on the back of one of them and was throwing out lollies and choclates.
Once my Mum and Dad woke up we opened all our presents. I was amazed at the detail on the new Auckland nines jersey that I got. My brother  got the Zion Jersey that the players designed them selfs.
We both also got some new jandles, a slushy maker, a box of favrites and the new warriors singlet.
After breakfasts.

We walked down to the beach and went for a nice relaxing swim in the spakling clear water, after a while we walked back to the camp site  and  had some lunch and went for a  drive up to tepaki sand dunes, it was a long walk up the sand dunes but it's worth it. 

On the way home we went down ninety mile beach. On the trip back to the camp site my brothers and I fell asleep. When we got back to the camp site I went in the tent and had a rest.

                                                        THE END
Rolling over and over and over in my bed trying to get some more sleep, I here my sister groaning and I realise I'm not the only one awake.  "Mairwen" I whisper "are you awake" she grumbled back. We both hopped out of bed and checked the time it was only 7am, we knew we were tired but excitement over took it it was finally Christmas. Mairwen and I swung open the door  and skipped along the hallway trying to contain our pure excitement, although I fell behind a bit because last night I hadn't had the best of nights I was actually very ill. As we were walking past my brothers door it creaked open, and the next thing we knew Mum and Dad were awake too. All of us bright and ready so we headed to the Christmas tree to open a few of our presents

After we had opened some of our presents Mairwen and I went into our bedroom to get changed. Since waking up excitement had spread, it was like it was contagious. I was excited because all my aunts, uncles, my cousins and my grandpa that's our family tradition. My Dad gave us all some small chores to do before the guests arrived, for Llewelyn it was to clean up the wrapping paper, for me it was to hang out the washing and Mum and Mairwen helped with the cooking.

"Knock knock" There was a banging on the door, the guests were here finally. My Dad began to make his way to the and opened it. The Guests flooded in like a huge wave coming into the beach. All bringing different foods and presents. One our two complimented on our decorations especially the ones in Welsh as they puzzled themselves  around what it ment.

The smell of food wafted through the air as trays of food poured out of the oven until you could not see  the top of the table, everyone grabbed a plate and helped themselves to whatever they please. Over time you could see the food get less and less, after we finished food we all gathered to enjoy the last few moments of the party it was the best Christmas Day!
I wake up and wonder where I am, thinking to myself am I in a dream? Minutes later I hear my brother shouting "Everyone wake up its Christmas Day" then I knew it was real. My mum and dad were already up because we had to tidy the house then go to my nana's house. My mum said "Jayden have you packed your bags yet" not knowing I had just got up. I say "Nearly mum" and then start right away. Then I hop in the car and get ready to go.

Yes finally after the five hour drive we make it to my nana's house. My brother Regan and I ran up the drive after opening the gate for mum and dad. Nana sees us and said "Hi Jay hi Reegz" and then gives us a huge hug. I go inside on a hunt for my cousins and sure enough they are playing on the Xbox 360 in my mums old room. They say "Jayden" (because that's how they say hi) so I say "hi" back. I sit on the bed and watch them for about five-ten minutes then went outside to say hello to the rest of my family. By lunch time it felt like there was at least fifty people and some iv'e never even met before. 
I go inside to see what food people had and started planning what I would have later. I walked down the hall sat down on the bed then watched them play the xbox.

"OHHHHHH." I said as I rolled over to the other side of my bed. "Wait a minute it's Christmas! I thought if I had to wait any longer I was going to explode! I jumped out of bed and grabbed my Santa sack, the presents fell out as I ripped open the wrapping paper like a hungry wolf . I waited a while until it was late enough to get up.

My parents and my sister hopped up just as I did, as I raced to the Christmas tree. Before I knew it we were opening our presents, I opened my first present to see a whole collection of secret seven books. The next was a Nerf  gun, I pulled back the bolt as  a bullet shot forward. I opened the next to see a WWII model kit I would soon put together. I looked at the box that my mum told me to open last, I slowly opened the wrapping paper and saw a whole bag of toy army soldiers from the 70s and 80s. I looked at mum and dad and said, "thank you for the amazing presents!"

I then remembered that grandad was coming out today! I looked out the window to see a bright blue sky, sunlight streaming in through the clouds. I hadn't realised because I was to distracted from my presents. My grandad soon pulled up in the drive way, my sister and I helped him inside  as my parents set the table. Food covered the table, a feast just sitting there waiting to be scoffed down. We ate our lunch and before we knew it grandad had to go.

By then it was late we watched a movie and had ice cream for desert. I soon lay on the couch and said to my self  this was the best Christmas ever!
I was excited on Christmas morning to open my presents.My sister ran into my room and woke me up.I was grumpy because I wanted to go back to sleep.My dad then arrived he said let's open presents. I opened my biggest presents first it was an amazing deer antler coat hanger.Opened all my other presents they where really awesome.Then I went around to my nanas to open my presents. It was a short drive from my mums house.My and uncle had came from Australia. They gave me 70 dollars I was really pleased with that.

Then all of my family went to Christmas lunch at my dad's aunts house in poroti .I couldn't wait to all food so I went on my cousins bikes I was not waiting now. I was having so much fun on there bikes.Then we got called to come and have some lunch. I didn't want to get off the bike because I was having so much fun.

I eventually came in side . I grabbed as much food I could fit on my plate. I had eaten it after about 15 minutes all the all the lunch was gone after that. Then it was pudding time there was ice cream jelly pavlova and much more delicious puddings. I couldn't eat them though because I was so fill. Then my dad's cousin stared a game of cricket. all My cousin played except me because I was so fill. Then Craig one of my dads cousins hit the ball extremely hard and it flew into the punch bowl. then it smashed a glass. Then the game was over. Then I went home and played with my best presents I have ever had.
Bang, bang, bang! Mum opened the door and let Gran and Poppy in."Merry Christmas!"everyone started saying to each other. We all helped gran and poppy unload their car full of scrumptious food and presents.

 When we got back inside the phone started ringing. "Hello?"answered Mum. "Okay, see you then." She said before hanging up. "Nana will come around in about 2 hours." We decided my brother would be 'Santa' and give out all of the presents.

"Breakfast is ready!"called Dad, pulling the croissants from the oven. We all had delicious spiced ginger beer in in wine glasses with our croissants, blue cheese and salmon.

After unwrapping around half of our presents we had a pie, pavlova, ice-cream and fruit jelly.we then unwrapped all of the other presents. "Time for a swim, I think Dad!"my brother called.

My brothers and I  inflated our bright and colourful new lilos, then had a quick dip in the glistening water while Mum,Dad, Gran and Poppy sat at the outdoor table having a good old chat."Let's go for a walk up the hill."suggested Mum."Great idea!"replied Gran. 

We walked up the hill, (Poppy rode my brothers bike)then sat under a shady tree and looked at the amazing view. Poppy zoomed down and completely missed the driveway. I ran downto tell him.

About fifteen minutes after we all got back to the house Nana was knocking on the door. After lunch Dad walked around the property with Gran, Poppy and Nana, while Mum my brothers and I were relaxing in the warm clear water of the pool. 

Once Dad, Gran, Poppyand Nana were back at the house and Mum, my brothers and I were all dress and dried we ate the rest of the pavola then Gran, Poppy and Nana left. We spent the rest of the day watching movies. 

"Wake up Emelia" Mum whispered in my ear. "Its time to look in your stockings." Dad said. I got. Out of bed and nearly crushed my stocking. I opened it, and lollies filled half of it! I pulled out something with bubble wrap over it. As I unwrapped it everyone was looking at me tensely, it was a rounded type of flute. When Grace and I had finished with our stockings we started opening our family gifts. My favourite two were my black tennis rack and my Lego friends. Then I got dressed and went outside for brunch. 

As soon as you stepped outside you could got a woof of bacon from Uncle Daryl's barbecue.  I wondered down and I had a chose of bacon and eggs or French toast with bacon. After amwhile I chose bacon and eggs, they were the most scumschous bacon and eggs I had ever had. When Mum, Dad and Grace were wondering down for brunch my cousins and I were playing cricket. 

When everyone had finished breakfast and we had stopped playing cricket we went inside for more presents. I got more Lego friends,YAY and a nice fluffy towel. We all loved our presents but there were still more to come... 

"Secret Santa time" yelled Auntie Anderna. We all gathered around a tiny light Christmas tree. There were about 16 presents under the tree. 
It was Christmas morning  and I woke up with the bright sun shining in my face. And with a stretch and a yawn I jumped out of bed and ran into mum and dad's bedroom. " Mum dad it's christmas wake up" I yelled then I ran into the cold and lifeless and the only thing that made it look welcoming was the massive pile of presents under sparcleing Christmas tree but best of all my stoking that was over flowing with presents . The excitmemt overwhelming I could not wait to open my presents so I began tugging my Santa sack to mum and dads room. 

Once I reached their room I found out that there was no room on the because mum dad the cat and dog all sat lazily on the over crowded bed. I sat next to the dog and slowly began push max of the bed antill bang he hit the floor like a rock. But then he jumped back onto bed oh well if you can't fight em join em so even though we were squash like sardines in can I began to open my exisilerating presents one by one toys on my wish list were ticked off. 

Then the rumble of car eked through the house yay grandma and grandad are here me and the dog raced out of bed and went to wish grandma and grandad a merry Christmas we'll the dogs idea of wishing some on merry Christmas is jumping on them and licking there face after that we had lunch and then best of all Christmas desert. Mmm chocolate mouse, pavlova, jelly, and ice cream dont you just love stuffing your face with your favourite deserts.
 And that was my Christmas.

By amy

Glancing at the clock, 7:30 am, my brain flickered into action. It was Christmas! I shook my two sisters awake as well as my younger cousins, Jack and Sam. We then pushed the sliding door away, revealing a room full of presents.

As we glanced to the side, our eyes rested on a large pile of santa sacks. Mr Clause had come! I handed out the bags and the children dived eagerly into them. I had just started to peek inside of mine when Michael  came downstairs carrying the, instead of opening my own bag, I helped the twins with theirs. When their bulging sacks were empty, Sally came down with Nathan , followed by Charlotte, Mum and Dad. 

I had received several outfits from Santa, as well as four fat books. We gobbled down a quick breakfast and headed off to church. Us girls wore our new dresses from mum and dad, the only presents we were allowed to open aside from the ones from Santa.

 After no time at all, we were back in the car and driving home. As soon as we were back, mum started preparing for brunch , crossiants, yum!! After what seemed like an entire year, we eventually got to open our presents. 

Omg!! I must have gotten a million different things! I received makeup, more clothes and books, gift vouchers and so much more. One of my favourite gifts was a small piece of paper. It might sound like nothing, but the words on it were most magical. 

At the end of a long, exciting day I jumped into my sleeping bag and drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.
I woke up,there was adrenalin pumping through my body. It is Christmas I yelled to myself. I rusted to the Christmas tree but then it suddenly hit me as I was going to the tree. I had to wait until everyone had woken up  so I turned the TV on and waited. I only had to wait that long until Dad woke up Then my Tyler my brother. So all we we're wait for was Mum and Nana and as I said that my Mum came into the lounge. My Nana woke up about a hour later so my brother and I wee waiting for agers to open up our presents. Once my Nana had woken up."Can I open my presents". I rip open my first present it was a table case. So I rip opened my next present was a ... Table.

 Once we had finished opening all of our present we had pancakes for breakfast after we had finished our yummy pancakes  we were waiting for my Grandma and Uncle to arrived for lunch. We had lunch we were having ham (witch I hate) chicken potato bake and sales so we all dug in. I had chicken and potato bake it was so yummy. Then we had pudding at lunch time crazy I had ice-cream but that was it.Then I had to do the dishes dam. After I had finished the dishes I when out side.

I was playing out with my new mot control helicopter then It went out of control. And it crashed but luckily it didn't brake. 

"Wake up, wake up!" Yelled my brother as he shook me from my drowsy sleep. My eyes fluttered open to see him whizz out the door and my ears heard him screeching  at my parents.
The first thought that flew into my blank mind was "It is so early." Then I realised it is Christmas Day. Rip, as me and my enthusiastic brother toor the wrapping paper off the massive present our eyes lit up. It was a pool.
Chatter echoed through the air and light pierced the black blanket that is night. Finally the roast emerged through the black doors and danced into my joyous families mouths. The talking died down while we enjoyed our feast. Then the fun began. For me anyway.
As our hands cut the wrapping paper of to reveal the hidden identity, cracks spread across our many faces like an earthquake. Many thank-yous floated through the air to their recipients. Then arms wrapped around bodies like cloaks.
As the jug rumbled like thunder the chatter resumed. Then hot drinks warmed our bodies to the warmth of our content hearts.
Every Christmas I have is one to remember, I love it as it is an excuse to get together with friends and family although I also really like getting presents.

A delicious smell waffled through the air, the excitement of family and friends made it hard to hear yourself speaking. Fairy lights shimmered around the fresh smelling pine trees with spinning decorations. My heart was full of excitement even when we first knew that we were going to my Nana's in the late afternoon to see my family, and friends. 

After having roast beef for dinner, with mouth watering potatoes and kumara, then followed by an outstanding dessert. We had a choice of playing pol or bat down. Most of us chose bat down so we headed out for the front lawn. 

Each of us kids had a few goes each. then we decided to give the parents a go most of the balls went over the fence. Went send as kids running in the paddock. 
Then suddenly I heard a cry/scream and I looked back to see one of my little cousins stood in cow poo and then tripped up and face planted in the next lot of cow poo. After that he wouldn't play.

The next interesting thing that happened was my uncle hit the ball and it went flying into the trough, and I was the one who had to get it, and that wasn't so great. 
Then we all rushed upstairs for present  I had some big presents and some small ones, which I through  it would be jewellery. Over all I had a very satisfying day, and I hope next year will be good us well.
This is me on my first day of school. This is in Ireland and I had to wear a uniform.

 This is me and my lamb, Freckles, at Tangowahine School Pet Day 2009. I was in Year 1.

"I saw my best friend run at the ball to make a tackle in intermediate school during soccer," says my Dad."Then he swung his leg to kick it at the same time a boy on the other team did, they made contact at the same time, then he fell to the ground crying my leg is broken"announced Dad. In shame dad said "We laughed at him and made fun of him, the next day he came to school in a cast and I still feel bad about it."
Wow! my dad won the 400m run at Mangakahia area school. He was waiting at the line,Ready,Steady,Go! Off he went with a good speed, one boy was right behind him and started to catch up. Then suddenly he had a boost of a fart he sped off like lightning, there were a couple of kids tied last. Eventually he finished first,
"Hooray" he shouted
"I came first"
In the end I was very proud for my dad.                                                     
This is Emily and I on the day of my first school visit.

When my Dad started High school they only had four BBC Micro computers. Then his school got new computers and everyone was raving about them. The first day his class used them he realized that the only game you could play on them was this budget game called Yellow River Kingdom. 
                                            This is me the night before my first day of school.
One day when my dad was at school he was in the library and he had made something that could fling rubber bands. Anyways, my dad had a terrible plan,  (it was a great plan to him) he used the rubber band flinger to fling rubber bands at the teachers. He ended up getting caned, which means he got a whack on the bum with the cane by the teachers. He ended with huge bruises on his bum. I thought it was funny when he told me this story but I don't think he found it very funny.

Second story

One day my dad was riding to school on his bike. His wheel on his bike was squeaking so he quickly looked at it while still peddling on his bike. A couple of seconds later while he was still looking at his front wheel WHACK! straight into the back of a car. He ended up leaving a small dent in the bumper of the car.
This is me just before I turned five.
It was four years ago, I was in Room 1 with the biggest smile on my face. We were all jumping around like crazy, IT WAS THE LAST DAY OF THE TERM! We were all so excited, we had so much fun and it was only just the morning. It was soon time for morning tea, surprisingly I wanted play time to be over! After morning tea we played games all the way through to lunch. We finished lunch and watched movie after movie, we all had a great day doing everything we wanted. And to be honest for once I was sad to leave school and start our holiday. It was soon time to go home, we said our goodbyes and hoped on the. I was soon at home thinking, what a great day. And that is my most memorable day at school!
This is my first day at school and I'm all ready to go.

                            This is my first day at school!!! I am hopping off the bus with my sister
Mad dash

It was a foggy winters day after school and mum decide to dash across the road not realizing that there was a car speeding right for her. Amazingly the car just nicked mum's ankle, leaving a scar.
I remember it like it was yesterday ,I grabbed my bags and I was so excited I sat in the car for about two minutes before we left. In ten minutes we arrived at school. I slowly carried my bags to the hall where everyone was taking all there things too.We sat in the hall till the bell rang. Miss Caddick and Mr O told us what was going to happen and then we walked down to the double decker bus. Beth and I sat together on the bus,and we were off to Rotorua.
Thank you for redding.
Wack the ball shot into the air it was hot everyone was sweating 3  boy jumped to catch the ball all the boys were hoping to catch the ball. When suddenly the ball slipped out of one of there hands I ran to catch it sweat dripped from my head and hair sweat also dripped down my face I was hot and it was such a hot day CATCH yay I had caught it .

This is a pic of me when I first started school 
10pin bowling 

On the 8th of February my family and three of my sisters friends came with us to 10pin bowling. We had a great time, in lane 4 was Mum, Dad, Ellie and Pippi and in lane 3 there was Leah, Tayla, Brooke and me. I got one strike and two spares. The final sore was Leah with 82 Brooke on 79 and Tayla with 66  and me with 94 so I win that one. In the other lane Dad just won with a sore of 120 and Mum got 117 and Pippi got 102 then Ellie got 73. We all really enjoyed it. 


On Thursday night I went and watch my Mum's netball game at Kensington at 6:00. Her team is called the Green Team and they are really good.  Her team won the finals last season. Plus tonight there sore was 25-15 to them. And hopefully they will win this season as well.
It was Monday night and I was starting to freak out! I had no place to stay at for the upcoming day so I decided to go to work with my Dad. I had ice cream went to the beach for a swim while he did his daily reports. To be able to redo that I would so take that chance and defiantly go again! And that was my day with my dad!!!
Me and my Dad decided to go pig hunting up in the mangakahia valley. We took the quad bike and one of our guns, we arrived the owners property at four o'clock.I unloaded the quad bike then we were heading for a long drive out the back of the farm. We came to a steep hill then drove the quad bike up it. We waited for about two hours then a massive black boar waltzed out of the bush. Then we straight away drove the quad to half way to it I walked the rest of the way. I came to where I last saw it. It was not there any more we headed back to the bike because it was getting dark. Then I saw the biggest pig I had ever seen in the wild. It ran away as fast as it could down the track. Me and my dad ran to the next ridge to see if could see the pig. It was no where to be seen.

 Then we drove the bike back to the hunters hut when arrived at the hut we decided what where going to do tommrow. We decided to get up at 4.30am to catch the pig out. then we went to bed then I was a woken by the sound of the alarm ring. I went out side and put my boots on and then we drove up the same hill as yesterday. The sun came up and I spotted a young Boar it was trotting to where the sows were. Then we raced down to where the Boar had stopped with the sows. I was nagging Dad how big do you think it is he tought 60kg. It was behind some rushes I leaned the gun on the post. I put the crosshairs on the pigs shoulder I pulled the trigger I dropped to the ground it weighed 20kg. Dad went back to the bike and left me to gut and carry to out to the bike. Took the guts out and stared my carry to the bike. I walked about 500metres and I waved dad over and he picked me and the pig up. Then we drove to the ute and then we drove back to our house in the ute.
This me when I first started school.

Crash, the waves came crashing in. My Nana took us to Bayley's beach for a picnic. Just as we were about to leave we noticed some people that had came in earlier.  They had two jet skis on the back of their trailer. They took it out up to the water so that they could get the jet skis into the water. They were mucking around and the tide was coming in.  They tried to dive away but they got stuck  the tyres started spinning around randomly and the tyres started sinking down even deeper. They got someone from the beach in a ute to pull them out with a rope but it snapped and went flying. A young man that owned the car that was sinking came rushing over to us. He asked if we could help but we didn't want to get stuck. And by the time we left their car and trailer were half way up in water so I don't think they saved it.
As I woke up a beam of light hit my eyes I stumbled to the food tent. I scoffed my wheat bix then I jumped on my motorbike put on my helmet and stomped on the kick start. The bike roared to life I rode around the track with Alex behind me. We drove all morning to afternoon, we finally stopped for sandwiches and raro then ran to the pool and leaped into the pool. After about 3 hours of pushed people into the pool constantly we came back to the camp ground. For dinner mouth watering delicious home made burgers. At 9:00 we went into the bushes down to the creak with our head lights and nets and what did we see? fresh water crays. With there reflective bright orange eyes, strong tail and armored bodies as they darted around. Just as I went to grab one he darted in a circular hole. 10:30 we came back with about 15 crays. I loved crayfish hunting because it was a great experience and could what to do it again.

By Aidan 
I stepped onto the walkway, I could smell the salt in the air and see the waves breaking on the shore.  There it was, Matapouri beach.  There were so many people sitting under umbrellas on the burning hot sand. I tied my boogie board to my wrist and ran into the crashing waves.  The water seemed to be surprisingly cold for a hot and sunny summers day.

On the 25 of January my eldest cousin, Daniel, got married. All my family were there. I enjoyed it and every thing was nicely arranged. My favourite bit was the dancing at the end. Here's my favourite photo. I took it when they were signing the register.
My Holiday!

In my holiday I went to Puriri Bay to go camping. One of the last days we were there my brother, best friend and I were swinging off the tire swing. On my very first go I went to swing but slipped and face planted into the soggy sand. When we got bored of the swing we went and got a freezing ice-block.
Crunch! There was something hard under my back tooth, I bit again, crunch! I walked over to the bin and spat out my golden fruit biscuit (squashed fly biscuits). As I rested my tongue back on the bottom of my mouth my heart sunk. I had just spat out my filling. On Christmas eve 5:00pm 2014, I was lying on my bed watching my iPad, which was on my chest. Then suddenly it fell from its case on to my front tooth chipping it diagonally. We tried everywhere in Whangarei for a dentist but noone was open. While on holiday up north we kept looking for a dentist that was open. We finally found one at Kaitaia hospital. They put a white filling in my front tooth and just now while eating a biscuit it fell out.

We have logged in for our first go at Google docs. We are brainstorming what makes a good learner.

I've just finished learning about the French Revolution! Did u know that throughout the Revolution Wars, it unleashed a wave of global conflicts that extended from the Caribbean to the Middle East?

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In my Summer holidays my family and I went down to Carterton to see my cousins. I was glad to finally get there, our cousins welcomed us inside and sorted out where we were going to sleep. After that my dad, uncle, cousin and I went for a cycle along the road, and by the time we got back it was time for dinner. We had dinner and went to bed, the next day we all went into Masterton to have lunch and walk around town. before we knew it, it was time to head home. We said goodbye and drove to Whiouru to see the army museum, it was great! After we had finished looking we drove to Taupo and stayed in a hotel. The next day I had a swim in lake Taupo and then headed for Cambridge to see my great aunty Peg. We drove out of Cambridge and finally reached home, I was exhausted but I had a great time and that was what I did in my Summer holidays!
This is me with my cousins Emma (on Brooke's back) and Georgia with me on her back in Russell. This is taken at the back of my nanas house the day after Georgia dyed her hair from a mousey brown colour to chocolate brown. That week had been doing so much stuff like kayaking on the water front, swimming at long beach and jumping and fishing of the wharf. We had so much fun Brooke, Jimbo, Emma and my other cousins Lachlan and Mitchell. We hadn't been altogether for at least 5 years so we had so much catching up to do.
Pouto, what an amazing place to be. You can do all kinds of things like going fishing and going for a walk along the soft warm sand. We left to go to the spectacular beach, which is probably the best you will ever go too. This is the light house as you can see in the picture below. We went up to the light house in a Polaris ATV. It was really windy up there, in the distance we saw smoke and a helicopter with a monsoon bucket. Later that night at the camp site we saw four fire trucks come, I asked why are they here. My poppa said,
"They are here for the bush fire."

In the holidays my family and I went to Tanemahuta. Tanemahuta is a massive kauri tree.If you have not been you should check it out it is just a little walk though the Waipua forest,its beautiful.
After a long trip out to Whananaki we finally arrived at Barrons Beach.We drove down to our camp site after checking in at the office. So now it was time to set up all of our stuff the tents are up the gazebo is up. Now it is swim time,we sprinted across the boiling sand and dived straight into the sea. After the swim Dad and I lay in warm sand talking about what we are going to do tomorrow. After we had washed all of the sand off us in the sea we got dried off. When I was warm again I shouted to my dad I'm going up to the swing at the top of the hill Dad yelled back ok. So as fast as I could I run up the hill to the swing. I swang for a while, Then Mum called me down for dinner.That was our first day at camp.

two weeks ago on saturday my sister and my mum and i went hobbiton. it was one of the greatest days i have had yet.
this is me and my sister standing in front of the one and only, bilbo baggins hobbit home. as you can tell me and my sister were both really excited!

sand spit

Finally we arrived at sand spit I jumped out of the car and ran over to Maddie's cabin , the tide full so we decided to go for a swim . We put or togs on and ran to wharf then  we both dove into the crystal clear water . but then half way through our swim a person on the wharf began to yell "MOVE OUT OF THE WAY "me and Maddie's stood there looking rather confused. then a jet ski whipped past . then we had to hope out because our parents were going to see the donkeys, so we got dressed and ran up to the donkeys we eventually reached the top of the hill after that we went out to the stables for dinner. once we got back its late so we went to bed wondering about what we will do tomorrow .

this a picture of the donkeys 

   During the holidays I went to a five day surf school called Tutukaka Surf Experience with my sister  Hayley and my brother Joshua. This is a photo of Sandy Bay with the surf boards and the entire surf school behind the boards ready to do our warm up. I was a great week but very tiring.

we are at the pet shop because we are getting a new kitten because our other cat  did not come back from when we went to this party with fireworks. So finally we  found the purrrrrrfect one with different colours everywhere so we called it kitkat she is still very small but not soon. She loves fish and tuna and she loves playing with our dog snowy. she sleeps in very weird places like the shoe rack and once even inside one of my dads smelly gumboots. She also likes playing with our chickens she thinks they look funny with there feathers all up. she is a very joyful playful happy kitten. she likes wandering around the house and also inside too. she likes helping me with my homework too. she loves sleeping on my book! I am glad that we picked kikat   she is special in so many ways that day we went to get her some toys to oh man does she love toys we got her some fake mice and a big fake rat .she liked the rat better well it was a good sleeping place.                                                                                                                                         
Hi, I'm Isla and this is my amazing word cloud of all my favourite things
This is my word cloud. These are some of the things i like doing: Surfing ,Cross Country, Art, Netball and Athletics.
Word Cloud

This is my word cloud some of the things I like are animals, gymnastics, hockey, lasagne and brownie. I have stage fright and I like writing and spelling.
This is my word cloud and these are some of my interests Rugby,Playing with friends and Fishing
This is my word cloud I like hockey, purple, tennis, squash, ice-cream and lollies.
I am Ian and these are some things that i like.
my favorite animal is a tiger, my favorite food macaroni cheese.

This is my word cloud its includes things that I like these things are squash soccer cricket running and much more.

This is my word cloud and some things I like are
netball, purple, blue, pasta.
This is my word cloud, a few things I'm interested in are sewing, squash and netball.

This is my word cloud I like netball, swimming,tennis,
 ice cream, sushi, chocolate, pink and I am very tall!

Here is my picture that I designed, here is a few things that I enjoy doing, rugby, shooting, art, drawing. And here are some things I dislike snakes, spiders, bugs, pumpkin. My best friends are Brayden, Brandon, Ryan.            
On my holiday Dad and I decided to go for a motor cross ride. Dad loaded the motorbikes on the trailer and we went to  Glinks Gully on the West Coast. We drove to the second stream and Dad unloaded the bikes and we started riding along the sand track behind the Beach. We went for about 20 km till we came to the massive sand dunes. Then we turned around and came back along the beach. It was a long tough ride in the soft sand.

I gulped the air, then dived pulling my arms through the silent water till the lake-floor emerged in front of me. As my Dad helped me heave away a rock I froze in anticipation. then I saw it scuttling along the sandy bottom, a crawly, I lunged for it  but missed. My lungs burning I rose to the surface for air. Determined to get that little escapee I headed back down. Where was he? Stirred up sand helped camouflage the crawly, the only thing I could see was a wavering blue and yellow flipper. The crawly escaped but next time I'm at Kai iwi Lakes I will catch one.

Here we are. All 10 of us.  Hannah, me, Harry,  Holly, Ailsa, Connor, Emily, Ben,Joe And of course,  Tess, the dog. We had decided to go for a leisurely stroll down the road.  We stopped here for a rest and a photo. It was hot at the beach that day.  around 27 degrees.  Mr Whippy had been taking a holiday and had not come out to Wellington bay once! The distance was hazy because of the heat waves, and the sun beat down on us. After 5 minutes we walked up to the bach and collapsed on the couch together. Until the younger ones decided they wanted to play a game again!

In the holidays we went to the bay of islands where I got my dinghy licence. This is me driving my Nana into shore!

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