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10 Pin Bowling

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10pin bowling 

On the 8th of February my family and three of my sisters friends came with us to 10pin bowling. We had a great time, in lane 4 was Mum, Dad, Ellie and Pippi and in lane 3 there was Leah, Tayla, Brooke and me. I got one strike and two spares. The final sore was Leah with 82 Brooke on 79 and Tayla with 66  and me with 94 so I win that one. In the other lane Dad just won with a sore of 120 and Mum got 117 and Pippi got 102 then Ellie got 73. We all really enjoyed it. 


On Thursday night I went and watch my Mum's netball game at Kensington at 6:00. Her team is called the Green Team and they are really good.  Her team won the finals last season. Plus tonight there sore was 25-15 to them. And hopefully they will win this season as well.
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