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Camp in Wellsford

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As I woke up a beam of light hit my eyes I stumbled to the food tent. I scoffed my wheat bix then I jumped on my motorbike put on my helmet and stomped on the kick start. The bike roared to life I rode around the track with Alex behind me. We drove all morning to afternoon, we finally stopped for sandwiches and raro then ran to the pool and leaped into the pool. After about 3 hours of pushed people into the pool constantly we came back to the camp ground. For dinner mouth watering delicious home made burgers. At 9:00 we went into the bushes down to the creak with our head lights and nets and what did we see? fresh water crays. With there reflective bright orange eyes, strong tail and armored bodies as they darted around. Just as I went to grab one he darted in a circular hole. 10:30 we came back with about 15 crays. I loved crayfish hunting because it was a great experience and could what to do it again.

By Aidan 
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