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Christmas Day

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"Wake up, wake up!" Yelled my brother as he shook me from my drowsy sleep. My eyes fluttered open to see him whizz out the door and my ears heard him screeching  at my parents.
The first thought that flew into my blank mind was "It is so early." Then I realised it is Christmas Day. Rip, as me and my enthusiastic brother toor the wrapping paper off the massive present our eyes lit up. It was a pool.
Chatter echoed through the air and light pierced the black blanket that is night. Finally the roast emerged through the black doors and danced into my joyous families mouths. The talking died down while we enjoyed our feast. Then the fun began. For me anyway.
As our hands cut the wrapping paper of to reveal the hidden identity, cracks spread across our many faces like an earthquake. Many thank-yous floated through the air to their recipients. Then arms wrapped around bodies like cloaks.
As the jug rumbled like thunder the chatter resumed. Then hot drinks warmed our bodies to the warmth of our content hearts.
Every Christmas I have is one to remember, I love it as it is an excuse to get together with friends and family although I also really like getting presents.

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Anonymous said...

I love your descriptive language at the beginning it really hooks the reader in. Emelia