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🎄Christmas Day🎄

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Rolling over and over and over in my bed trying to get some more sleep, I here my sister groaning and I realise I'm not the only one awake.  "Mairwen" I whisper "are you awake" she grumbled back. We both hopped out of bed and checked the time it was only 7am, we knew we were tired but excitement over took it it was finally Christmas. Mairwen and I swung open the door  and skipped along the hallway trying to contain our pure excitement, although I fell behind a bit because last night I hadn't had the best of nights I was actually very ill. As we were walking past my brothers door it creaked open, and the next thing we knew Mum and Dad were awake too. All of us bright and ready so we headed to the Christmas tree to open a few of our presents

After we had opened some of our presents Mairwen and I went into our bedroom to get changed. Since waking up excitement had spread, it was like it was contagious. I was excited because all my aunts, uncles, my cousins and my grandpa that's our family tradition. My Dad gave us all some small chores to do before the guests arrived, for Llewelyn it was to clean up the wrapping paper, for me it was to hang out the washing and Mum and Mairwen helped with the cooking.

"Knock knock" There was a banging on the door, the guests were here finally. My Dad began to make his way to the and opened it. The Guests flooded in like a huge wave coming into the beach. All bringing different foods and presents. One our two complimented on our decorations especially the ones in Welsh as they puzzled themselves  around what it ment.

The smell of food wafted through the air as trays of food poured out of the oven until you could not see  the top of the table, everyone grabbed a plate and helped themselves to whatever they please. Over time you could see the food get less and less, after we finished food we all gathered to enjoy the last few moments of the party it was the best Christmas Day!
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