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Christmas day

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I was excited on Christmas morning to open my presents.My sister ran into my room and woke me up.I was grumpy because I wanted to go back to sleep.My dad then arrived he said let's open presents. I opened my biggest presents first it was an amazing deer antler coat hanger.Opened all my other presents they where really awesome.Then I went around to my nanas to open my presents. It was a short drive from my mums house.My and uncle had came from Australia. They gave me 70 dollars I was really pleased with that.

Then all of my family went to Christmas lunch at my dad's aunts house in poroti .I couldn't wait to all food so I went on my cousins bikes I was not waiting now. I was having so much fun on there bikes.Then we got called to come and have some lunch. I didn't want to get off the bike because I was having so much fun.

I eventually came in side . I grabbed as much food I could fit on my plate. I had eaten it after about 15 minutes all the all the lunch was gone after that. Then it was pudding time there was ice cream jelly pavlova and much more delicious puddings. I couldn't eat them though because I was so fill. Then my dad's cousin stared a game of cricket. all My cousin played except me because I was so fill. Then Craig one of my dads cousins hit the ball extremely hard and it flew into the punch bowl. then it smashed a glass. Then the game was over. Then I went home and played with my best presents I have ever had.
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