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Christmas morning

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I woke up to the neighbour's roster on a bright sunny day. I leaped out of bed and shook my brothers back and forth until they woke up. I tried to wake up my parents but Dad said "5 more minutes" in a morning voice. "It's Christmas!" Soon they all came out of bed, and we started the unwrapping.

 We unwrapped a small package and found $37, then we unwrapped a bigger one  and found scorched almonds and gun that fired rubber bands. Mum and Dad got presents to, Dad got a new LG touch screen and Mum got 5 boxes of chocolates. We left to grand parents, we couldn't wait to try our guns. When we got there we got some disposable cups and lay them out, then we let loose the rubber band was so powerful that it teared a hole in the cup. When we got inside we could smell the roast pork the sausies and the potato salad. The pork was mouth watering with gravy, the sausies  were great. Then the steak came in. It was tender with marinade  and the potato salad was nice. Then came the desert chocolate ice cream pavlova,  meringue and sponge cake (chocolate). Then it was presents time, we gave out our bagged goodies to our cousins then came the interesting part. Our cousins came out with     big bags of air horns, sunglasses, Jaffers, feddo frogs red skins, water guns, pineapple lumps and chocolate fish.  After a day of rubber band shooting ,Christmas deserts and  present unwrapping we leaft with a thanks and a smile on our faces.

I loved Christmas because I saw my family again and I got some more prezzies to add on to my stake of toys. I loved this year's Christmas  and I can't wait to have it again.

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