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 I woke up at the sound of a sirin and with a shock I realised it was Christmas Day. I ran out of the tent
with my two brothers Nate and Rico to see what that annoying sound was. We looked around and saw nothing happening then we  heard the sirin getting closer, and just behind the trees I saw three bright 
red vehicles. Santa was sitting on the back of one of them and was throwing out lollies and choclates.
Once my Mum and Dad woke up we opened all our presents. I was amazed at the detail on the new Auckland nines jersey that I got. My brother  got the Zion Jersey that the players designed them selfs.
We both also got some new jandles, a slushy maker, a box of favrites and the new warriors singlet.
After breakfasts.

We walked down to the beach and went for a nice relaxing swim in the spakling clear water, after a while we walked back to the camp site  and  had some lunch and went for a  drive up to tepaki sand dunes, it was a long walk up the sand dunes but it's worth it. 

On the way home we went down ninety mile beach. On the trip back to the camp site my brothers and I fell asleep. When we got back to the camp site I went in the tent and had a rest.

                                                        THE END
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