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My Christmas morning

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I jumped out of bed and ran into Mum and Dad and yelled get up it's Christmas. Christmas was finally here.
All I wanted to do was open presents I asked mum if I could open one but she said 'You're  going to have to wait until everyone else gets here'. After waiting 1 or 2 hours my family started to arrive it was like 100 presents coming in the door. We sat down for presents  really only kids got the presents presents but every one got something. I got a PS3,Bluetooth speaker,chocolate fondue set,pool and a floatie toy for my Nesses and Nephew got hundreds of presents but they weren't very good they were just cheap plastic things.
Then we had breakfast it was bacon and eggs,pancakes and maple syrup. After that and once everyone had left I went in to my room and started to play my PS3 I played far cry3 blood dragon. And that was my Christmas. 
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