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My Christmas

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"OHHHHHH." I said as I rolled over to the other side of my bed. "Wait a minute it's Christmas! I thought if I had to wait any longer I was going to explode! I jumped out of bed and grabbed my Santa sack, the presents fell out as I ripped open the wrapping paper like a hungry wolf . I waited a while until it was late enough to get up.

My parents and my sister hopped up just as I did, as I raced to the Christmas tree. Before I knew it we were opening our presents, I opened my first present to see a whole collection of secret seven books. The next was a Nerf  gun, I pulled back the bolt as  a bullet shot forward. I opened the next to see a WWII model kit I would soon put together. I looked at the box that my mum told me to open last, I slowly opened the wrapping paper and saw a whole bag of toy army soldiers from the 70s and 80s. I looked at mum and dad and said, "thank you for the amazing presents!"

I then remembered that grandad was coming out today! I looked out the window to see a bright blue sky, sunlight streaming in through the clouds. I hadn't realised because I was to distracted from my presents. My grandad soon pulled up in the drive way, my sister and I helped him inside  as my parents set the table. Food covered the table, a feast just sitting there waiting to be scoffed down. We ate our lunch and before we knew it grandad had to go.

By then it was late we watched a movie and had ice cream for desert. I soon lay on the couch and said to my self  this was the best Christmas ever!
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had I every good Christmas.
I liked the bit where you said (I rip open my present like a hunger wolf) I think you said.

Jayden Mills