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My dad's school stories

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One day when my dad was at school he was in the library and he had made something that could fling rubber bands. Anyways, my dad had a terrible plan,  (it was a great plan to him) he used the rubber band flinger to fling rubber bands at the teachers. He ended up getting caned, which means he got a whack on the bum with the cane by the teachers. He ended with huge bruises on his bum. I thought it was funny when he told me this story but I don't think he found it very funny.

Second story

One day my dad was riding to school on his bike. His wheel on his bike was squeaking so he quickly looked at it while still peddling on his bike. A couple of seconds later while he was still looking at his front wheel WHACK! straight into the back of a car. He ended up leaving a small dent in the bumper of the car.
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