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My Xmas Day

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I wake up and wonder where I am, thinking to myself am I in a dream? Minutes later I hear my brother shouting "Everyone wake up its Christmas Day" then I knew it was real. My mum and dad were already up because we had to tidy the house then go to my nana's house. My mum said "Jayden have you packed your bags yet" not knowing I had just got up. I say "Nearly mum" and then start right away. Then I hop in the car and get ready to go.

Yes finally after the five hour drive we make it to my nana's house. My brother Regan and I ran up the drive after opening the gate for mum and dad. Nana sees us and said "Hi Jay hi Reegz" and then gives us a huge hug. I go inside on a hunt for my cousins and sure enough they are playing on the Xbox 360 in my mums old room. They say "Jayden" (because that's how they say hi) so I say "hi" back. I sit on the bed and watch them for about five-ten minutes then went outside to say hello to the rest of my family. By lunch time it felt like there was at least fifty people and some iv'e never even met before. 
I go inside to see what food people had and started planning what I would have later. I walked down the hall sat down on the bed then watched them play the xbox.

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