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Pig hunting

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Me and my Dad decided to go pig hunting up in the mangakahia valley. We took the quad bike and one of our guns, we arrived the owners property at four o'clock.I unloaded the quad bike then we were heading for a long drive out the back of the farm. We came to a steep hill then drove the quad bike up it. We waited for about two hours then a massive black boar waltzed out of the bush. Then we straight away drove the quad to half way to it I walked the rest of the way. I came to where I last saw it. It was not there any more we headed back to the bike because it was getting dark. Then I saw the biggest pig I had ever seen in the wild. It ran away as fast as it could down the track. Me and my dad ran to the next ridge to see if could see the pig. It was no where to be seen.

 Then we drove the bike back to the hunters hut when arrived at the hut we decided what where going to do tommrow. We decided to get up at 4.30am to catch the pig out. then we went to bed then I was a woken by the sound of the alarm ring. I went out side and put my boots on and then we drove up the same hill as yesterday. The sun came up and I spotted a young Boar it was trotting to where the sows were. Then we raced down to where the Boar had stopped with the sows. I was nagging Dad how big do you think it is he tought 60kg. It was behind some rushes I leaned the gun on the post. I put the crosshairs on the pigs shoulder I pulled the trigger I dropped to the ground it weighed 20kg. Dad went back to the bike and left me to gut and carry to out to the bike. Took the guts out and stared my carry to the bike. I walked about 500metres and I waved dad over and he picked me and the pig up. Then we drove to the ute and then we drove back to our house in the ute.
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