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Crash, the waves came crashing in. My Nana took us to Bayley's beach for a picnic. Just as we were about to leave we noticed some people that had came in earlier.  They had two jet skis on the back of their trailer. They took it out up to the water so that they could get the jet skis into the water. They were mucking around and the tide was coming in.  They tried to dive away but they got stuck  the tyres started spinning around randomly and the tyres started sinking down even deeper. They got someone from the beach in a ute to pull them out with a rope but it snapped and went flying. A young man that owned the car that was sinking came rushing over to us. He asked if we could help but we didn't want to get stuck. And by the time we left their car and trailer were half way up in water so I don't think they saved it.
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