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An artist painted this water colour of our kids sailing at Parua Bay last week. She gave it to us as a gift.

Today we went to matapouri for eotc week. And we walked the loop wile we were walking saw stunning shaw lines and unusual trees. Once we got back to the beach we went for a refreshing swim in the dumpy waves. Then the sand castle com began there were all sorts ofdifferent  ideas such as a minion, Easter egg and much more.after that we played Drip drip drop and went for one last dip.
This is my cat Sam we got him from the spca, he was seven weeks old when we got him. Sam and his siblings were found behind the maunu shops. Sam spends most of the day outside and usually comes inside at about seven o'clock and snuggles up on the coach.

Great game and Jeffrey's team used the rattle ball.

As I walked threw the gate I heard the tremendously loud vat. I got a big whiff of silage as I drove past. I heard the the cows mooing as we rounded them up. When I ran threw the mud it slushes on my red bands. The Tractor rumbled as it drove up the road. you can see the delicious milk dripping out of there udders. We woke up at 4.30am you can hardly stay awake.I saw the rats scattering everywhere as we threw rocks at them.
In the weekend I went to W.O.M.A.D. It stands for World Of Music And Dance. My favourite things were the music and the Spanish that did crazy hair styles, people say they take forever to take out. My favourite music was the Balkan beat box. Because they got you moving and clapping. My least favourite singer was Rufus Wainwright. Because it late and his music slow so he put everyone asleep. I think he was everyone's least favourite singer.

This is Alex's poem

This is Kate and Ryan's poem!!!
This is a photo of me making my bed blind folded. It felt very weird and I found it a little scary because I kept thinking I was going to bump into things. The most difficult part was trying to find my pillows. After a while of crawling on the carpet I finally found them. The thing that helped me most was my bed. I mostly kept my hand on the bed so I knew were I was and so I didn't bump into the wall. At the end it was a mess, but trying to make my bed blind folded was a great experience!

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I had to do an every day thing blind folded and I thought, why not make my bed! It felt weird I kept reaching out for things even know they weren't there. The most difficult thing was trying to find the sheets, I swear they disappeared. There was one thing that helped me though, I grabbed the
 bed frame and worked my way around to find the blankets. After I had finished I took the blindfold, looked at my bed and thought, what a mess!
This is some pictures of me party I had and my new kitten.

This is my sister and I in the middle of cooking dinner. 
This is mine art and it has words about me
50 Lobengula Ave,
Presidential House,                                                                                                        44 Hanuka LNE         Harare, Nigeria                                                                                                           SHW 316                                                                                                                                              Maungatapere,                                                                                                                                             New Zealand.                                                                                          
 Ambassador of Nigeria,
Robert Mugabe

I am incredibly displeased about the way the poor workers are being treated at the Blood-Diamond fields. They only have a short amount of time to rest and their meagre amount, as well as being unnutritious. I know that they would really appreciate a change.

I would also like to point out that they are being treated badly, a complete infringement of their human rights.

Please send a letter regarding what changes you will make towards how the workers will soon be treated.
yours sincerely,
This is my hot and cold portrait.
some word in there that describe me are : Brainy, Sporty, and ambitious 

This is my word cloud the words on it best describe me.

This is my art the words around it is words that represent me also we had to use cold and hot colours on our faces we did this first process n the commuters then printed it off and then traced it on to another peace of paper. 
This is my fela Kuti CD front cover and back for our human rights activities 
This is my art about the word that describe me
.This is my word cloud and the words in it describes me I love swimming, netball, music. 
I also love the colour blue .
This is my art I traced it then coloured it in.
This is my art we had to use hot and cold colours and words that represent us.
This is my word cloud. The words in are words about me.

72 Sherbet Lane
 RD 5  
New Zealand

EU House
1 Norfolk Road

Dear Zimbabwe Government,

I am writing to you to say I think it is disgraceful what is going on with the Blood Diamond Trade and I would like to explain why I think this.

All your workers do their best to mine the Diamonds. While you are eating your workers are starving. While you are sleeping peacefully they sleep in fear.If you put your self in their position I doubt you would enjoy this experience, and peoples efforts like Farai should be encouraged.

The Blood Diamond trade. When you sell a Blood Diamond somebody's life gets worse. You make your worker work long and hard hours in war zones. Have you considered that it may effect there lives in a way that can't be undone. All I ask is please stop the Blood Diamond Trade.

Yours sincerely,


This is my cd cover for femI kumi

        This is me and my winning master chef desert it is berry ice cream and a                                                        cookie base with chocolate dipped strawberry's on top!


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