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A letter to the Zimbabwe Govenment

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72 Sherbet Lane
 RD 5  
New Zealand

EU House
1 Norfolk Road

Dear Zimbabwe Government,

I am writing to you to say I think it is disgraceful what is going on with the Blood Diamond Trade and I would like to explain why I think this.

All your workers do their best to mine the Diamonds. While you are eating your workers are starving. While you are sleeping peacefully they sleep in fear.If you put your self in their position I doubt you would enjoy this experience, and peoples efforts like Farai should be encouraged.

The Blood Diamond trade. When you sell a Blood Diamond somebody's life gets worse. You make your worker work long and hard hours in war zones. Have you considered that it may effect there lives in a way that can't be undone. All I ask is please stop the Blood Diamond Trade.

Yours sincerely,


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