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As we are studying water, and how some countries don't have much, I found this video where people find a solution.
This is a video of me and my dad on the seesaw at Coromandel (it hurt).
During the first week of the holidays my mum got two kittens from the SPCA. They were both ten weeks old. One of them is a boy and he is called Ollie and the other is a girl and she is called Chloe. They always play fight and Chloe normally wins because she is the rough noisy one. Ollie is the quiet one that likes to sleep a lot. The only thing I don't like about having kittens is that you always have to clean out their litter tray. Chloe is white with ginger spots on her back and her head. Ollie is fully ginger.
                      This is Chloe wearing a crown

In the holidays I took my little cousin Ruby to the Minion movie. She lives in Auckland so it was cool she got to come up & stay with me for two nights. At the movies we bought a pop n coke combo & choc top ice cream, Ruby ate hers sooo fast, she is a guts for a six year old! She said the Minion movie was the funniest movie she has ever seen!
It started out just a normal day except it wasn't today. Mairwen and I were going over to our friends house. Now this may sound boring but trust me it gets better. When we arrived we had morning tea and as the day went on we did various activities such as going to the park and playing on the trampoline - normal stuff really. The time flew past and soon Mum and Dad had arrived to pick us up.  We got into the car and drove towards the airport. The reason we headed towards the airport was because today we were picking up our New Student Robert from Finland. At first we had to wait around in the Airport until the plane finally arrived. The first thing that passed through my head when I saw Robert was ' wow he is so tall '. Once we had got all of his stuff we headed back to the car where the puppies were waiting for us. Robert got on very well with the puppies, giving them cuddles and lots of times scratching their bellies. We soon went towards home where we had our dinner followed by more time cuddling the puppies then as every good day ends we all went to bed.


I was on my way back from Russel on the happy fairy with my 2 year old cuzon jaide sitting on lap. then out of nowhere three dusky dolphins came up to the surface. and there they kept swimming majestically for about 2 minutes then continued on their way.

by Amy b
I woke up to the sound of television at full blast ( at some stage in the morning I got up) so I  slowly pulled the sheets off the bed and I got up and slowly struted to the kitchen as my eyes fixed on my surroundings.

One thing lead to another I was at Reduced to Clear for 10 minutes, Warehouse for 2 hours, Pak n Save for 1 hour and finally we headed home. I hope I never have to go shopping that long again.
I woke up in the morning and looked out the window to see rain drizzling down. I looked at my watch, it was nine o'clock! I slowly made my way to the kitchen and picked up the corn flakes, woo hoo, cereal I said with sarcasm. I turned on the TV and sat down on the couch with a sigh, I was soooooo bored. And that was something boring I did in my holidays!
In  the holidays I went  to Waiwera hot pools with Christine. It took us a while to get there because one of the main roads were closed. Apart from that it was a great day. My favorite part was the hydro slides but other highlights were swimming in the main pool and the spa.
During the first week of the holidays my entire family was sick except for me (iron-guts), so we couldn't have friends over.  Our friends got sick on the second week so we couldn't go to their place.  That was probably the worst part of the holidays.
In the holidays my family went to coromandel! while we were there we went in a train the goes up the mountain it goes up the mountain by doing zigzags,and when you get to the top you go and look at the eyeful tower! We also went to the waterworks place where there is so much cool stuff to do like ride bikes and the faster you peddle the more water comes out of the bike, there is a place where you open the toilet lid and water squirts at you! There is a giant mouse weal and that's the one Jessie fell over in because she was going to fast! There are flying bikes, and you can have water fights and trust me you get very wet! And on the way back from coromandel we stopped on the hill where we could see the sky tower! But it looked very very tiny!
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