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New Student

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It started out just a normal day except it wasn't today. Mairwen and I were going over to our friends house. Now this may sound boring but trust me it gets better. When we arrived we had morning tea and as the day went on we did various activities such as going to the park and playing on the trampoline - normal stuff really. The time flew past and soon Mum and Dad had arrived to pick us up.  We got into the car and drove towards the airport. The reason we headed towards the airport was because today we were picking up our New Student Robert from Finland. At first we had to wait around in the Airport until the plane finally arrived. The first thing that passed through my head when I saw Robert was ' wow he is so tall '. Once we had got all of his stuff we headed back to the car where the puppies were waiting for us. Robert got on very well with the puppies, giving them cuddles and lots of times scratching their bellies. We soon went towards home where we had our dinner followed by more time cuddling the puppies then as every good day ends we all went to bed.

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