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This term room 7 has been deconstructing different appliances and devises to see what is in them and how they work. We have taken apart, cell phones, laptops, printers, egg beaters, video records, and many other interesting things.
From this we have created some junk robots. These are a few of our amazing creations.

Well done Gemma on your Highly Commended Year 7 Investigation award.

This is one of the snakes at the kula wildlife park which is opposite of resort

"Kate could you go and get the vacuum out of the cupboard please". "Yes dad " I said.

 As I reach into the cupboard I notice a blue plastic square and beside it was a massive brick square so I picked them up! 
"Hurry up Kate these floors won't clean themselves" I heard dad say, so I grab the vacuum and give it to dad.

 As I was heading back to the cupboard to find out more about the weird olden day technology, I see mum in the cupboard, so I just keep walking.

 Later on that day I went back into the cupboard. I look around and I can't see the things anywhere. I look where I saw them last, I can not see them anywhere.Then I think back to seeing my mum in the cupboard, what was she doing? Why was she in there? And if she was hiding the old technology, why would she, was there something she didn't want anyone to see on there!? I look up and see them, so I get at shirt and hit them off the shelf!

 I grab them and run to my room, closing the door behind me. I find a slot in the brick thing and it turned out it was a computer, anyway I put the blue disk thing in and up came a secret recipe for sweet and sour pork!

 I go down to the kitchen and show mum. "I knew you would find that someday" she said " I'm making sweet and sour pork tonight, so you will get to try my secret recipe"! I go back down to my room, very disappointed I was hoping to have found out something unusual, but I suppose there's plenty of time for mystery! And I really want to go try that sweets and sour pork!
A fun day had by all!

jackson clark

Jayden Mills
and to think that I found it under my bed
Today we took apart some cell phones. We tried to identify the main parts using what we know. Tomorrow we will look at he circuit diagrams to better understand what each part does.

The Secret Life By Emma
What is it?

Hard drive
Something to do with camera
Something you put in computer
Stores photos
Manic eye insert
Floppy disk
Hard drive
Memory disk
Computer thing
Cd case

It was the 8th of May 2015 and that was the day I turned thirteen. I was blowing out all thirteen birthday candles while making a wish. I am probably not suppose to tell my wish but it was to visit the Mumbo Jumbo Jungle (a jungle I made up in a narrative). A second after I had made my wish "ouch!" A mango had just randomly fallen onto my head. I quickly looked up to see where the mysterious mango came from and there stood a huge mango tree with a purple trunk and bright pink leafs with red, orange and yellow mangoes hanging off it. It finally clicked in my head, I was in the Mumbo Jumbo Jungle!!! I slowly turned around to see banana trees with blue trunks and red leafs. There were  hundreds of other trees growing all sorts of unusual things like gummy bears, bacon, pasta even cheese burgers!!! There were very friendly animals and creatures that lived there too, like purple and pink flamingos, dark blue hippoes, bacon eating giraffes, zebras that laughed like hyenas and a lot more. I was so excited to start exploring the jungle when I turned around to see the all mighty Fudge Moutain! Fudge Mountain was the best part of the jungle, you could climb up the entire mountain in around 1 hour while tasting all the different chocolate flavours in the chocolate ponds. Once you got to the top of the mountain there was a huge chocolate slide that you could ride all the way back down. I was about to start climbing the mountain with some of the animals when I remembered, will I ever get back home???
A little while ago  Darran, Darran, Liam, Tony, my dad and I went for a motorbike ride at the beach. it was a perfect day to go riding, the sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We soon arrived at the beach, got our gear out of the car and untied the bikes. Once we jumped on our bikes and rode out of the car park pulling out onto the beach. We soon entered a track that lead onto a series of farm tracks and small streams. There was a bush track filled with tee-tree, we beat our way through it creating a track to get onto the sand dunes. There was amazing scenery along the way like beautiful lakes, vast acres of forestry and the great views of the beach from high up in the hills. When we got back to the car park we packed up and headed for home, I was tired when I got home, but it was all worth it.  
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