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My made up story

It was the 8th of May 2015 and that was the day I turned thirteen. I was blowing out all thirteen birthday candles while making a wish. I am probably not suppose to tell my wish but it was to visit the Mumbo Jumbo Jungle (a jungle I made up in a narrative). A second after I had made my wish "ouch!" A mango had just randomly fallen onto my head. I quickly looked up to see where the mysterious mango came from and there stood a huge mango tree with a purple trunk and bright pink leafs with red, orange and yellow mangoes hanging off it. It finally clicked in my head, I was in the Mumbo Jumbo Jungle!!! I slowly turned around to see banana trees with blue trunks and red leafs. There were  hundreds of other trees growing all sorts of unusual things like gummy bears, bacon, pasta even cheese burgers!!! There were very friendly animals and creatures that lived there too, like purple and pink flamingos, dark blue hippoes, bacon eating giraffes, zebras that laughed like hyenas and a lot more. I was so excited to start exploring the jungle when I turned around to see the all mighty Fudge Moutain! Fudge Mountain was the best part of the jungle, you could climb up the entire mountain in around 1 hour while tasting all the different chocolate flavours in the chocolate ponds. Once you got to the top of the mountain there was a huge chocolate slide that you could ride all the way back down. I was about to start climbing the mountain with some of the animals when I remembered, will I ever get back home???
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Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome story Jessica, I really liked your ending.

Jemma.R said...

Nice story Jessica. i hope you write a sequel.

Anonymous said...

I love your story Jessica! I really wish chocolate slides were real!!!