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The shocking discovery from 10 years ago!

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"Kate could you go and get the vacuum out of the cupboard please". "Yes dad " I said.

 As I reach into the cupboard I notice a blue plastic square and beside it was a massive brick square so I picked them up! 
"Hurry up Kate these floors won't clean themselves" I heard dad say, so I grab the vacuum and give it to dad.

 As I was heading back to the cupboard to find out more about the weird olden day technology, I see mum in the cupboard, so I just keep walking.

 Later on that day I went back into the cupboard. I look around and I can't see the things anywhere. I look where I saw them last, I can not see them anywhere.Then I think back to seeing my mum in the cupboard, what was she doing? Why was she in there? And if she was hiding the old technology, why would she, was there something she didn't want anyone to see on there!? I look up and see them, so I get at shirt and hit them off the shelf!

 I grab them and run to my room, closing the door behind me. I find a slot in the brick thing and it turned out it was a computer, anyway I put the blue disk thing in and up came a secret recipe for sweet and sour pork!

 I go down to the kitchen and show mum. "I knew you would find that someday" she said " I'm making sweet and sour pork tonight, so you will get to try my secret recipe"! I go back down to my room, very disappointed I was hoping to have found out something unusual, but I suppose there's plenty of time for mystery! And I really want to go try that sweets and sour pork!
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Sara Taylor said...

Very cool story Kate!
-from Sara and Rebekah :)