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Group 3 shared narrative

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It all started with an envelope that turned up in the mail last Tuesday…

it was a small envelope addressed with my name Taylor Made. I took it inside very confused. "Was it really for me?,if so what is it for?"I thought. I asked mum about it and She told me to open it. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was an invitation to star in a movie called. Tale of a intermediate girl. I was the perfect age as I was starting intermediate school this year.

 I showed mum and we both started squealing with delight. I read out loud and found out I was going to Paris to work with my number one idle Cathy Cassidy. I screamed. My dad entered looking confused. " what's all this racket for?" 
Mum explained it all and dad was over the moon for me. We decided to leave straight away.   
To the airport we went I was packed and ready to go. 

On the way to the airport my mouth was pocket rocketing all the way and I couldn't stop it. Once we got to the airport we went to the lady and gave her our 1st class passenger tickets. She said "These aren't 1st class," and made us follow her to a part of the airport I've never seen before she said "These tickets are for this plane," I looked out the window and there was our very own plane. Dad said "Wow we get our very own plane." I hopped on it and started texting my friends. I couldn't  believe I was going to have my very own movie about me. It took us 24 hours to get there. I could not sleep I was so excited. I started to get a little nervous as the plane landed. What if the director Cathy Cassidy didn't want me after all. 

As we started to get nearer to the set the butterflies kicked in. The set was amazing set up exactly like an intermediate school. On the other side of the intermediate school was a house set up. The room that would be my character Ella Rangers room. It was magical. Pushed up against the left wall was a four poster bed decorated with purple bed sheets,duvets and pillows. Beside it was a sparkly purple bedside table. On the right was a huge walk in wardrobe. Smack bang in the middle was a really pretty purple cat rug
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