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It all started with an envelope that turned up in the mail last Tuesday…It was a big brown envelope with a blob of red whack with a E on it. It smelt of candles and the city which was odd because we live right out in the country where the city is hours of driving. I went inside to tell Mum if she knew anyone who’s name started with E. She mustn't known of any one as she said “no sorry” I looked at it wondering who would start with E that i knew. I thought of my friend called Ella and thought why would it be her as i would talk to her every day as we were best friends so i wouldn’t know why she wouldn’t tell me. I had know i dear who else would've sent it to me. I decided the best way was to open it. I opened it and screamed, there was a little duckling saying I see you. I'll say this, I'm terrified of ducks, after one chased me in the swamp so this really freaked me out. Nobody knew about my duck-phobia, at least, I didn't think anyone knew. Then it hit me. The envelope smashed through my window with the force of a bullet. It was exactly the same as the other one and as I unfurled it I read notice me? Who was watching, and why. I looked out my window to see if anyone was there, but i couldn’t see anyone. Suddenly my bedroom door shut I went to open it, but it was locked, and my door doesn’t have a lock on it, ok something weird was definitely going on. I was freaking out then a duck was in my room, I hate ducks THIS WAS MY WORST NIGHTMARE!!!  I kept on pinching myself to wake up but it didn't work.
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