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The unknown kidnapping

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It all started with an envelope that turned up in the mail last Tuesday…
I had dark brown hair with green eyes, my skin was always pale, i was always known to be a shy person so it's extremely rare for him to get a letter since he doesn't have any friends or relatives that he still keeps in contact with.
The envelope was ghost white, it had my name written on the front in fancy writing like someone had gotten a quill and ink and started to write, the envelope was sealed with red wax; a design was marked in the middle of the wax stamp. Confusion gathered in my head, I  was to scared to open it that I  gave it to my mum to keep.10 years later when i was 22, my mum gave the envelope back, since i had forgot about it so my mum had to recap what is was then It click into my mind, it was the ghost white envelope which i was scared to open when i was 12. I sat and thought for a minute 'should I  open it and see what's inside or should i put it away in a dark corner and forget all about it. After 10 minutes or so I  gathered my  thoughts and wits and opened it...Inside a ghostly white piece of paper sat staring up at me. It read the words you are under arrest of kidnapping Mr Thomas I thought it wasn't true, but then suddenly out of nowhere police sirens kept getting louder and louder then over 100 police cars appeared in my driveway. I ran and ducked under my bed and read the rest of the envelope it then said 'this is payback' I thought to myself what did I do to make the police show up at my house.

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