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                                                                      Short, fashionable
                                                                Working, cleaner, cooking
                                                            Fit, grumpy, annoying, talkative
                                                                 Funny, irritating, athletic
                                                                         Clever, small
Bright, light
Sunny, tropical, airy 
Fun, exceptional, exhilarating, relaxing 
Windy, dark, sleepy 
Remarkable, romantic 
              Gary,  Wrinkly
   Mud Bath, Eating, Swimming
 Teeth,  Head,  Tails,  Feet,  Fast
   Running,Squeak,Rat Cheese
                 Small, Fur
                                                Phone,Lego,Nerf guns,Sleeping 
                            Playing with nerf guns,Watch YouTube,playing on computer 
                                Tall, strong
                       Annoying, ugly, rugby
            Annoying,   Ugly,   Rugby,   Funny
                       Short, ugly, annoying
                            Rough, tough 

                                                                       Slimy, smooth
                                                            Swimming, jumping, playing
                                                              Fins, sharp teeth, fast, tail
                                                                Killing, eating, chasing 
                                                                       Big, vicious 
                                        Grey, Friendly
                               Clicking, diving, playing
                           Fins, tails, sharp teeth, eat fish
                                 Stalking, killing, eating
                                       Fierce, viscous

                                                              Sleeping,eating, hunting
                                                            Flying,chirping,making nests

                                         Colourful, small
                                    Flying, hunting, diving
                              Birds, shy, common, hunters
                                  Eating, flying, sneaking
                                          Dark,   small
                                                                  Friendly, cuddly
                                                             Hopping, digging, playing
                                                                Tail, fur, 4 legs, eyes
                                                            Meowing, licking, sleeping
                                                                      Soft, squishy
                                                             Cheerful, funny 
                                                       Running, sleeping, eating
                                                  Sporty, brown eyes, rugby, cricket
                                                      Sprinting, napping, climbing
                                                               Annoying, fit
                                                                   Loud ,  short
                                                     Screaming ,  gaming,  annoying 
                                                     Loud,   funny,   kind,   gaming
                                                     Gaming ,  laughing,  annoying 
                                                                   Tall , funny

Touch, strong
Swimming, flipping, searching
Sea creature, mouth, face, stomach 
Climbing, hiding, eating,
Rough, sticky 
Star Fish
     Golden majestic 
  Blubbing  wriggling flopping 
Scales tails smaller than whales 
  Biting chomping swimming 
       Ignorant   scary

                        Dirty ,   furry 
            Searching, sleeping, hiding 
        Tail,   Claws,   Fur,   Sharp teeth
            Sleeping,  Hunting,  Purring
                        Silky,    Lazy
                Cold, Frozen
      Playing, Soveling, Snowing
    Nights, Days, Sporting, Working
       Moving, Swimming, Fishing
                   Warm, Hot

By Storm
                                                                     Furry, soft
                                                        Hopping, digging, playing
                                                               Tail, fur, legs, eyes
                                                         Meowing, sleeping, licking
                                                               Friendly, squishy
                                                                   Silky, Smart
                                                       Meowing, Hunting,Sleeping 
                                                   Tail,     Fur,   Fierce eyes,    Feet
                                                       Hiding, Scattering, Nibbling
                                                                  Tiny, Cheeky

                                                                 Big,  rough,
                                                     Swimming, playing, scaring,
                                                 Fins,    tail,    head,    sharp teeth    
                                                    Hiding, sleeping, sun-bathing    
                                                               Small,  pretty,
          Thin, colourful
   Protecting, moving, breathing
Atoms, molecules, planes people
   Shifting, cracking, shaking 
           Earthly, solid
            elegant huge
     trotting eating galloping
large tail hooves farm-animals
      eating calving sleeping
              patched big
              striped large
     climbing hunting stalking           
tail       fur      dangerous     hunter
    pouncing devouring guarding
               mane huge
Short, pudgy, smart and courageous,
Sibling of Thea,
Lover of writing and cheese,
Fears mean people,
Who needs friends,
Gives hugs and help,
Fast, funny,feathery friend,
Lover of the words " Meep meep!"
Fears wily coyote will kill himself ,
Needs more speed,
Gives wily coyote a bad week,
Would like to see another plan backfire,
Resident of  "Cliff Side Road."
Runner !
Tall, funny, crazy, amazing
Siblings leihana and Ashden 
Lover of rugby and gaming
Fears my mum when she's angry 
Needs to game and play rugby
Gives food and laughter
Like to see dinosaurs come alive
Resident of Mangakahia road 

Blonde, fast, excitable and silly
Sibling of Hayley and Joshua
Lover of the colour purple, chocolate, platypuses and Garfield
Who fears huge bugs, rats and having to do speeches
Who needs food, lots of sleep and a long holiday
Who gives compliments, birthday presents and hugs
Who would like to see an elephant fly and my siblings tidy their bedrooms
Resident of Maungatapere
Scary, lonely, mysterious, dark,
Sibling of the Headless Horseman and Casper,
Lover of death and pain,
Fears ghost-hunters and voodoo dolls,
Needs souls to suck and fear to feed off,
Who gives soiled pants to trespassers,
Who would like to see ghosts rule the world!
Resident of the spooky house down Shady Lane,
Who is fast, fluffy and fat
Who is the sibling of Baby Rabbit
Who is a lover of carrots and family
Who fears humans
Who needs family
Who gives leftovers to the hungry 
Who would like to see all guns burned
Who is a resident of The Field


Cheerful, cheeky, tiny, sporty 
Fidgeting daughter of Wayne  and Kathryn 
Lover of all things sporty and animal 
Who fears spiders, broccoli, and christalised ginger 
Who gives happiness, joy and animal facts 
Who would like see peace and see  animal cruelty stop 
Resident of Simons road 

Bright,cheerful,loud and crazy
Best friend of Patrick Star
Lover of bubble blowing and jellyfishing
Fears of being fished up by humans
Who needs water to survive
Gives happiness to all the people he meets
Would like to see the bubble museum
Resident of bikini bottom
Tall, strong, silly, troubly
Sibling of Sarah 
Lover of my fabulous family, possum trapping, pig hunting
Who fears spiders, rats/mice, bears
Who needs to play rugby, a gun, and a knife, family
Who would like to see a pig giving a good hunt
A giver of possum fur, pig meat
Little,adventurers,cheerful, friendly,
Sibling of Micky Mouse,
Lover of cheese and adventure,
Fears cates and mouse traps, 
Who would like to see cats fall, 
Resident of an old barn, 
Happy, cheerfull, brave and bubbly 
Sibling of Charlotte , Stella and Alice
Lover of cheerleading and netball 
Fears of roller coasters and spiders 
Need to eat chocolate 
Who gives lovely similes and mean glares 
The silver ferns win the netball World Cup 2019
Resident of maungatapere 
Silly, short, kind, sarcastic
Sibling of William, Nick and Marshall
Lover of David Attenbrough and Grandparents
Fears zombies and small spaces
Needs Playstation and maths problems
Gives mum sanity and brothers yellings
Would like to see my brothers NOT being annoying
Resident of Kirikopuni Valley Road

Fast, friendly,talkative, kind
Sibling of Grace
Lover of netball, animals and family
Fears sharks
Needs hugs and family
Gives help, hugs, friendship and happiness 
Would like to see a money tree
Resident of Maunu Estate 
Small, silly, spectacular.
Sibling of ragging ruby.
Lover of sport, motorbikes, hunting and sweets.
Who fears heights, spiders, snakes, horror movies and giving speeches.
Gives presents, joy and laughter.
Who would like to get a good job.
Resident of Maungatapere.

Tall, Fuzzy, Comiedian, Crazy,
Cousin of Daffy Duck and Porky Pig,
Lover of Carrots and Jokes,
Fears Hunters and Un-funny jokes,
Needs a new Joke Book,
Gives Laughter to the World,
Would like to see everyone Happy,
Resident of Looney Toons,

Small, Silly, Spectacular and Sports Fan
Sibling of Tyler
Lover of Sports, Motorbikes, Ice Cream and Chocolate
Who fears Hights, Spirders and Snakes
Who needs Sports, Rugby and Chocolate
Who give Preasent, Joy and Humour
Who would like to see the All Blacks win the cup in 2019
Residentn of. Maungatapere
Tall, talkative, loud, loopy
Sibling of Ethan, Jesse, rosy
Lover of Roxy, mum, dad, bed, home and sushi
Who fears being board, spiders, viciousness dogs and snakes
Who needs water, food, cuddles from Roxy and more food 
Who gives Help happiness to friends and food
Who would like to see me a millionaire a Lamborghini in our drive way and unlimited sushi
Tatton rd 

Cute,cuddly and a hungry calf,
Sibling of Midnight and Freezer, 
Lover of milk and muesli,
Fears Peaches (our last years sheep),
Needs to drink it's daily milk,
Gives me happiness and joy,
Would like to see and pool of milk, 
Resident of Maungatapere.  
Tall, excited, happy, forgiving,
Sibling of Che and Blake,
Lover of chocolate and Xbox,
Fears chucky, Freddy and vegetables,
 Needs more holidays, 
Gives updates on video games,
Would like to see flying cars,
Resident of Maungatapere.

Tall, thin, fast, funny
Sibling of Kieran
Lover of rugby, tae kwon-do and chocolate
Fears heights and bees
Needs to play with friends
Who gives good Christmas presents
Would like to see everlasting ice-cream
Resident of Kokopu road.
Short, strong, fast, vicious,
Sibling of Allan and Sam Craig,
Lover of chocolate and possum trapping, 
Fears sharks and wild boars,
Needs fresh air and hunting,
Gives money and food, 
Would like to see the all blacks and the Warriors, 
Resident of Macbeth road.
Sibling of Brooke and Jimbo 
Lover of swimming and golden syrup
Fears mice and long winters
Needs to spend time with friends
Gives advice and telling offs to siblings
Would like to see the Eiffel Tower 
Resident of Maungatapere   

Tall, competitive, funny, funky
Sibling of Jessie and Sara
Lover of Netball, swimming, tennis and ice cream
Fears sharks, tsunamis and crystallised ginger 
Needs sports and ice cream
Gives cuddles and yummy food
Who would like to see an ice cream land
Resident of Maungatapere 
Storm (My Lamb)
Obedient, quirky, white (sometimes), eater
Sibling of Jake and 100 others
Lover of milk and grass
Who fears electric fences
Needs FOOD
Gives amusement and cuddles
Would like to see a pool full of milk
Bubbly, friendly, likeable, leader
Sibling of Breigan
Lover of gymnastics and white chocolate
Who fears spiders
Who needs too own an animal 
Who gives entertainment to friends
Would like to see no animal cruelty

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