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Dear Santa,

I was looking through the daily newspaper when I stumbled across a piece of your job hiring information. I had a look through the list of jobs and I thought that the Toy Testers would be fun and I personally think I would be great for the job.
My phone number is [*For Safety Reasons*] so please call me back if you are wanting to hire me.

I have not finished yet as I am going to tell you why I'm want to get this job,
I am a toy maker myself and I have had years experience with toys,
Most of my toys were a success and kids liked them,
I am friendly and Fun and love playing with toys,
I really want to have a fun job.

Last of all,
I wanted to tell you a big thank you for making Christmas a wonderful day for all kids around the world.

Yours Sincerely,
Maungatapere School
Dear Santa,⛄️❄️

My name is Jackson.h I am a year eight student next year I will be a year 9 student, I saw that there's in New Zealand advocate this morning a opening for security ealf at your toy making factory and it looked like a job for me. I'm writing this letter to see if I could apply for the job I only work on holidays. You should hire me because I am amazing at protecting people and I ma good with guns and I can keep secrets from people very well and you won't be able to find a better person than me.

Your sincerely Jackson.h
Dear Santa,

I have previously seen your add in the local paper for becoming a candy cane maker, and have decided to apply. I enjoy to bake and ‘LOVE’ candy so I personally think I would do extremely well with this job.
As my qualifications for making candy for a living is quite high, (if you saw the gingerbread house my sisters and I made last Christmas, you would certainly agree we well I have a great skill of candy making. If I were to get the job I would be almost a constant face in your workshop for I will be non stop baking, making and sometimes burning things in your kitchen.

My work times will be every third and fourth term per year but will take the holidays off. I don't want to bother you but making candy doesn't come cheap. I will need money for the ingredients and also my monthly pay. I look forward to your reply and will certainly keep practicing my candy making skills.

Yours sincerely
Heather Robb.
Dear Santa 
I saw in the North Pole paper that your are wanting a toy tester and I would like to attend that job.

I am strong, brave, creative and also I I'm good at flying and shooting guns and much more. I will put in a 100% at all times

So Santa pick me
Dear Santa

I have seen in the paper that you have been awfully sick and won't be able to make the journey around the world to deliver all the presents on Christmas. I am a young girl and my name is Kate.So you can probably guess that I am hinting something here, I want to help deliver all the presents around the world on Christmas while you are not well. You are probably thinking that I am a girl, that Santa is a man and a boy would have to do the job. Well if you are thinking this you are wrong! I believe that girls can do anything boys can do and even more. I do have a lot of talents I am very tall for starters so I would be great at driving the sleigh, cause you know I am not short and I can actually see where I am going! I would be able to do the job really fast because I would use the ‘magic key’ and go and put the presents in the children's stockings! So I wouldn't get stuck half way down the chimney (no affence)! I also think that I would be great because I am very good looking and I have a perfect Santa top that you would be blown away by! Any way I am by far the best looking in my class at school I have shiny hair which is very appealing! I am tall so I stand out in the crowd! Now for me this job is only part time as I would have homework to do because the ‘dog ate my homework’ excuse wouldn't work on me as I don't even have a dog! By now you can probably tell that I really badly want this job so I suppose I will see you on Christmas!!!

Yours Sincerely 

Dear Santa,
While I was reading the Christmas special of the newspaper yesterday, I came across your advertisement and I have to say I was very pleased. I have been looking for a job and this one seemed perfect. 

The job I found was the present wrapping I am no elf but I can wrap presents incredible well not to brag but this is a kind of job interview. I usually wrap presents for birthdays, special occasions and of course Christmas. I am often the one who is asked to wrap the presents for my siblings and parents birthdays and I have been doing that for a few years now. I can even disguise the shape of the object so as not to give too much away.

I have always been a very Christmassy person so I would fit in just fine at your workshop and I here that the North Pole is very pretty at this time of year. I would be more than happy to come work for you in the North Pole and don't worry I am used to cold weather so I can manage. 

Now I don't mean to nag but as everyone I do need pay for supplies such as wrapping paper labels and ribbon and sparkly Christmas pens to write the names on the labels. I do think that we can come to a good agreement on this and I am looking forward to our discussion if I mean when I get the job.

I would just like to add I am a big fan of yours and admire what you do every December 25, so Merry Christmas and please write back soon.

Yours sincerely,
Dear Santa,

I was reading the advocate and I saw your job application for being a present tester. I have all the skills for the job I barely break stuff and I will allways are sure that we have no broken ones. I have always loved toys when I was a kid. I use to have a heaps and I remember when I was a kid my wish was to be one So please consider it.

Yours sincerely, 
Dear Santa
I saw in the paper that you were looking for a toy designer I would be very delighted to take this job.
My skills are..
I am very good at thinking fast not slow
Also I believe in magic

I will send over some of my best sketches and I am 100% that you will love them.
Yours sincerely 
Neve gresswell
Dear Santa
I would like to apply to the naughty and nice list job offer that you have put out in the newspaper.
I am quite  specialized in writing out lists and knowing who has been good or bad.
I am able to work in the school holidays since I am going to become a year nine student and high school work will take over my life with school work. I'm quite a tall girl so I might need to get specially made elf clothing. Hopefully you will agree and make me the naughty and nice list maker.

Yours sincerely 
Gabrielle Byrne 

Dear Santa 
I'm replying to you in regards of the shopping job for Christmas which was  advertised in the advocate. 
I would only be able to work in the school holidays as I have school. I would love to help you with all your Christmas shopping as I love shopping and would love to buy heaps of different presents and shop at different shops. I have all the skills for this job as I will shop all day long until it is done. I would also love to know of different presents that I can buy for my own family. Please consider me for this job.

Your sincerely 

Dear Santa 
I have seen your advertisement in the local newspaper for your need of a reindeer feeder/looking after, I would love to work for you.
First of all I love working with animals as I have had a lamb and a calf we live on a farm and have cats,dogs,horse and chickens. 
I am happy to stay there over the Christmas holidays as we have nothing on and would like to help you out as I know you have lots on.
I was in the library yesterday and was reading about reindeers and I know lots about them and I am happy to study more. I know what they're 5 and one is and what they get feed and so on. Plus reindeers are one of my favourite animals so contact me on 555,666,777

From Gemma 

Dear Santa,
I am writing to you in reply to your advert in the Advocate, which said you require a new productions manager, to supervise the elves, in the advert it said that while you were reading your christmas letters from the children, the elves accidentally painted 40 tricycles a hideous cat sick yellow. I assure you if I am picked for the job, that would not happen. I am available from the 17th onwards, even earlier if necessary, (talk to my teacher about this!) and am a hard worker and will definitely keep everything in order.
I have listed a few of my skills that may help convince you to hire me…

I am a good leader
I spent the 2015 year as a car line monitor at Maungatapere School (big responsibility)
I can also (if necessary) build a few basic toys
I am fun, cheery and happy so would fit right in with the elves
I am awesome with kids(and elves)
I look good in red and white
I could help Mrs Claus with some baking
I can play ‘Mary had a little lamb’ on the piano

I hope that will help you decide to pick me for the job and you can reply to me with my phone number, which i am sure you know, given 10 years of christmas calls. Fingers crossed you pick me!!!
Send my regards to Mrs Claus,
Yours sincerely,


Dear Santa 

I was wrapping Christmas presents the other day for some friends when I realised I really enjoy wrapping presents, and I'm pretty good at it. I also saw an advertisement in the newspaper saying you would love to have some more people to wrap presents for the good children who will be receiving them. 
I can wrap a present in just over a minute and can make these presents look amazing with a big sparkly bow on top, I may need some help with the tape though. 
I would really like the opportunity to work for you in your workshop and I hope I have made it on the nice list.
Yours sincerely 
Dear Santa

I am replying to a job application of reindeer caretaker you put out in the Daily Advocate, I think it said that the elves can't really control the reindeer when they get out of hand. I am ideal for this job because I really love animals, and animals seem to like me, I have experience with large animals because I live on a beef farm in New Zealand raising cows and calves. I also have a lot of time on my hands as I have finished school (wink wink) and I am a extremely hard worker and do jobs efficiently and I do them well.
While I would love to take care of the reindeer some jobs aren't ideal so I am only applying for the following jobs:
Feeding the reindeer
Exercising the reindeer
Refereeing the reindeer games
Sleigh maintenance (Rudolph looks like his harness is itchy)
Protecting from the abominable snowman (machine gun required)
I really hope you pick me!

Yours sincerely 
Alex Dawson
Dear Santa

My name is Emma Yorke and I would like to be considered as a reindeer groomer as advertised in the BELIEVE newsletter. 
I know how to use a curry comb and hoof pick and would polish Rudolph's nose until it shone. I know how to cut up carrots just the way reindeer like them (into little bells so even the most difficult reindeer can't resist a bite).
I have just returned from Alaska where I vaccinated all the reindeer with 6 in 1 which contains treatments for pulpy kidney, black leg, black disease, malignant oedema, tetanus and Jack Frost. I would even take them out for test runs in the slay, prance with Prancer, dance with Dancer, love Cupid, star gaze with Comet, run with Dasher, get Vixen heaps of female foxes (I'll make sure they are foxy ladies), I will let Blitzen and Donner out in thunderstorms (I did some background research and found out there names mean thunder and lightning) and I would change the light bulb in Rudolph's nose.

Yours Sincerely
Emma Yorke
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