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Dear Santa

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Dear Santa,
I am writing to you in reply to your advert in the Advocate, which said you require a new productions manager, to supervise the elves, in the advert it said that while you were reading your christmas letters from the children, the elves accidentally painted 40 tricycles a hideous cat sick yellow. I assure you if I am picked for the job, that would not happen. I am available from the 17th onwards, even earlier if necessary, (talk to my teacher about this!) and am a hard worker and will definitely keep everything in order.
I have listed a few of my skills that may help convince you to hire me…

I am a good leader
I spent the 2015 year as a car line monitor at Maungatapere School (big responsibility)
I can also (if necessary) build a few basic toys
I am fun, cheery and happy so would fit right in with the elves
I am awesome with kids(and elves)
I look good in red and white
I could help Mrs Claus with some baking
I can play ‘Mary had a little lamb’ on the piano

I hope that will help you decide to pick me for the job and you can reply to me with my phone number, which i am sure you know, given 10 years of christmas calls. Fingers crossed you pick me!!!
Send my regards to Mrs Claus,
Yours sincerely,


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