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Dear Santa

My name is Emma Yorke and I would like to be considered as a reindeer groomer as advertised in the BELIEVE newsletter. 
I know how to use a curry comb and hoof pick and would polish Rudolph's nose until it shone. I know how to cut up carrots just the way reindeer like them (into little bells so even the most difficult reindeer can't resist a bite).
I have just returned from Alaska where I vaccinated all the reindeer with 6 in 1 which contains treatments for pulpy kidney, black leg, black disease, malignant oedema, tetanus and Jack Frost. I would even take them out for test runs in the slay, prance with Prancer, dance with Dancer, love Cupid, star gaze with Comet, run with Dasher, get Vixen heaps of female foxes (I'll make sure they are foxy ladies), I will let Blitzen and Donner out in thunderstorms (I did some background research and found out there names mean thunder and lightning) and I would change the light bulb in Rudolph's nose.

Yours Sincerely
Emma Yorke
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