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Job reply to Santa

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Dear Santa,
While I was reading the Christmas special of the newspaper yesterday, I came across your advertisement and I have to say I was very pleased. I have been looking for a job and this one seemed perfect. 

The job I found was the present wrapping I am no elf but I can wrap presents incredible well not to brag but this is a kind of job interview. I usually wrap presents for birthdays, special occasions and of course Christmas. I am often the one who is asked to wrap the presents for my siblings and parents birthdays and I have been doing that for a few years now. I can even disguise the shape of the object so as not to give too much away.

I have always been a very Christmassy person so I would fit in just fine at your workshop and I here that the North Pole is very pretty at this time of year. I would be more than happy to come work for you in the North Pole and don't worry I am used to cold weather so I can manage. 

Now I don't mean to nag but as everyone I do need pay for supplies such as wrapping paper labels and ribbon and sparkly Christmas pens to write the names on the labels. I do think that we can come to a good agreement on this and I am looking forward to our discussion if I mean when I get the job.

I would just like to add I am a big fan of yours and admire what you do every December 25, so Merry Christmas and please write back soon.

Yours sincerely,
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