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Letter to Santa

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Dear Santa,

I have previously seen your add in the local paper for becoming a candy cane maker, and have decided to apply. I enjoy to bake and ‘LOVE’ candy so I personally think I would do extremely well with this job.
As my qualifications for making candy for a living is quite high, (if you saw the gingerbread house my sisters and I made last Christmas, you would certainly agree we well I have a great skill of candy making. If I were to get the job I would be almost a constant face in your workshop for I will be non stop baking, making and sometimes burning things in your kitchen.

My work times will be every third and fourth term per year but will take the holidays off. I don't want to bother you but making candy doesn't come cheap. I will need money for the ingredients and also my monthly pay. I look forward to your reply and will certainly keep practicing my candy making skills.

Yours sincerely
Heather Robb.
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