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Santa Letter

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Dear Santa,

I was looking through the daily newspaper when I stumbled across a piece of your job hiring information. I had a look through the list of jobs and I thought that the Toy Testers would be fun and I personally think I would be great for the job.
My phone number is [*For Safety Reasons*] so please call me back if you are wanting to hire me.

I have not finished yet as I am going to tell you why I'm want to get this job,
I am a toy maker myself and I have had years experience with toys,
Most of my toys were a success and kids liked them,
I am friendly and Fun and love playing with toys,
I really want to have a fun job.

Last of all,
I wanted to tell you a big thank you for making Christmas a wonderful day for all kids around the world.

Yours Sincerely,
Maungatapere School
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