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Santas letter

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Dear Santa

I have seen in the paper that you have been awfully sick and won't be able to make the journey around the world to deliver all the presents on Christmas. I am a young girl and my name is Kate.So you can probably guess that I am hinting something here, I want to help deliver all the presents around the world on Christmas while you are not well. You are probably thinking that I am a girl, that Santa is a man and a boy would have to do the job. Well if you are thinking this you are wrong! I believe that girls can do anything boys can do and even more. I do have a lot of talents I am very tall for starters so I would be great at driving the sleigh, cause you know I am not short and I can actually see where I am going! I would be able to do the job really fast because I would use the ‘magic key’ and go and put the presents in the children's stockings! So I wouldn't get stuck half way down the chimney (no affence)! I also think that I would be great because I am very good looking and I have a perfect Santa top that you would be blown away by! Any way I am by far the best looking in my class at school I have shiny hair which is very appealing! I am tall so I stand out in the crowd! Now for me this job is only part time as I would have homework to do because the ‘dog ate my homework’ excuse wouldn't work on me as I don't even have a dog! By now you can probably tell that I really badly want this job so I suppose I will see you on Christmas!!!

Yours Sincerely 

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