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Boston Weekend

My Weekend

In the weekend i went to Parakau for my my uncle's 50th birthday he is from NSW Australia and we are all staying there for 2 nights and 3 days with all my cousins At nana Carels
Day1:” Come on Mum and Dad we got to go!” As i rushed out the door
“Okay Okay i'm coming.” Mum and Dad responded.
On our way there i was playing subway surfers cause the dive was like 30 minutes. When we arrived at the house there wasn't enough room for all of as because there were heaps of people there we had tents so Addon, Naku, Mum, Dad, Shelby  and I started putting up the tent. When we finished that we played a game of touch, bat down and cricket, A lolly hunt with My uncle Dave when we finished all of that it was time for dinner we had blood and guts. Its was about 9o’clock when dinner was over and we were all tired so we packed up and went to bed
Day 2 (Uncle Karls Birthday) :
It was so late when I woke up it was around 12o’clock when I woke up but I didn't know where the boys were so I asked my aunt Mini she said “there are in the batch going on Lee’s Ps4.”
“there's a ps4?” i replied
“Well there is now” she replied back
“Okay thanks bye.”
I arrived at the batch and they were all playing nba 16 all of as had quarters each it was 5 minutes a quarter. It was 1o’clock when we had lunch there was chicken, salad and more. When we went back into the batch we helped our uncles for the haangi I did a karmarama. When all of that was finished we went out to play a game of held gridiron. I scored  all the touchdowns. We got a little bored so we went back on the game. after a hour or so it was time for dinner (haungi.) When we had our kadakia. We went in I took half of the stuffing I love it. After we at it was 9:30 so we had a game of spot light.     Laith  with his cousin Karl was the first in I was the last in with my cousin Xa (Xavier). It was 10o’clock when we started to get tired so we stopped and everyone went to bed.
We all had to wake up early to get everything packed up. We started with the tent then the floor etc etc. When that was done we had some spare time we needed to tip the ice out of the coolers then a idea came up. ICE BALL FIGHT! it was everyone against everyone all of as was soaking wet so we had the change. When we were done we packed up and went home.
                                                     THE END!

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Hayden said...

Nice story boston. (By the way you spelt I wrong a couple of times). But in all good story and cool photo.

Anonymous said...

Nice story hope you had fun

Anonymous said...

sound awesome boston