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Danielle's Holiday Recount

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I was walking down a beach with golden sands, and a crystal blue sky with fluffy white clouds drifting over the sun. The water was cold, and there was a warm breeze swarming around me. The birds flew above the beach and over the ocean, to be what seemed like an unknown land separated from the rest of New Zealand. As you look onto the sand dunes, you see all kinds of wildlife such as birds and small insects. There were small ripples in the water and in the sand. Walking along the beach, your eyes can't help but wander over and gaze at the shells along the seashore. Your feet slowly sink into the sand. When you stare out at the sea you can see the fish jumping into the air, and splashing the water as they dive back down, beneath the ocean's surface. The beach is magnificent place, but at some point, you have to leave.        

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