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Ella's Holiday Recount

As I climbed up to the top of the old wooden bridge, I gazed down and saw the clear rocky bottom. It was a gorgeous day at Pataua South.
We were camping with our family from the 10th-17th of January. We had just kayaked over to the bridge and were just about to jump off from the second time that week.
"You go first!" I yelled to Dad, He jumped in with a big SPLASH!!! "Come on!!" He yelled. I slowly moved my gaze towards the beautiful water below. Without a second thought I jumped SPLASH!!! I slowly fought my way up to the surface. The water was as warm as a spa on a cold winter’s day. I started to swim towards shore, but then quickly realised that I was going nowhere. If anything I was being dragged out to sea. Eventually I made it back to shore but I was all the way round the point. 
"Was that good?" asked Mum "Yeah awesome!!" I replied
"Can I jump with you?" asked my Aunty "Sure!!" 
My Aunty suggested that we jump off the very very top!
I wasn't too keen on it but you only live once.
I climb up hesitantly. I could see the stunning golden sand through the crystal clear water. 1 2 3 JUMP!!!!!!!!!!! I landed in the water with an almighty splash. As soon as I arose out of the water and the current was already whisking me away.  I found the out the best way to get in to shore was to swim under the water.
That was by far the best day of the week. Before jumping my stomach was in knots but as soon as I jumped the first time I was absolutely fine.
I had a wonderful day and I can't wait to do it again.  
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Anonymous said...

Cool storey loved it , i was out there the same time you were.

Anonymous said...

I really liked your storyh

Anonymous said...

that sounds like good fun

Asher said...

really cool story I liked reading it and it had good description