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Hayden's Holiday Writing

I woke up to the sea gulls screeching and the sea rolling and then I remembered where I was. On our boat!. I got up, pushed at my brother to wake him up. He finally got up groaning then went back to sleep, so I waited by playing on my Ipad. At least an hour went past until everyone suddenly got up. Breakfast was Milo cereal and milk. After breakfast I motored over in the dinghy to our cousins boat.

I stayed there all day. We played monopoly and the card game scum. When it got hot we all jumped off the boat and did bombs, when we got hungry we had crackers and fruit. I finally drove back to our boat and had a dinner of curry and rice. Next we all went to bed. I probably fell asleep first because I was so tired. 

The next morning I leaped out of bed. And woke everyone up to go for a swim. First my brother jumped in followed by me, my Mum and Dad. It was freezing when you hit the water then warmer after a little while. I got out shivering all over but I wasn't really cold.

We sailed back and heeled over for about 1 hour until we got back to te uenga bay. I helped moor the boat by pulling the buoy up and hooking it around the cleat in the anchor well. then left for home.

  I think the boat was really fun!!!  

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Anonymous said...

Cool Hayden, Nice Descriptive language!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sounds fun Hayden sorry about the delete

Anonymous said...

Cool Hayden great storey loved it👌

Ella said...

Sounds like lots of fun, Great story