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holiday recount

It was an early Tuesday morning and I was awoken by the beautiful sounds of the chirping birds and the seagulls squawking. The early morning warmth filled the air around me whilst the wind howled outside. I looked out the window to see the golden sand which wrapped around the house and the blue waves which pounded against the beach. As I slowly awoke the smell of the salt water stiffened under my nose. It was time for my morning swim, I slipped into my togs as I walked down the beach the crusty sand seeped in through my toes. I dipped my feet in to the cold water one by one, I walked out further and further until my feet could no longer touch the ground I started to swim, the seaweed curled around my feet and got stuck in my toes the feeling was disgusting. After I had swam out to the boy  I slowly and carefully made my way back to the beach. Taking my time.  The sand stuck to my feet and the grains of sand from my towel stuck to my body. I entered the pass code to our gate before walking up the drive. Now it was my favourite time of the day time to walk Roxy (our dog) and to go get some breakfast we walk down past the beach, over the rocks and through the shops until we made it to Jam to order our breakfast. Before long it was time to go back to the house. We walked Roxy back and went for a swim, the water was as calm as the wind curling around the willow tree nearby. I love going to stay with my grandparents at there house in Auckland it is always a lot of fun and I enjoy it more and more each time.

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Anonymous said...

Seems like you had fun Zara !

Anonymous said...

Cool storey 😃😃😃

Ella said...

Nice story Zara, sounds like fun

tanika said...

That is so cool zara sounds awesome.