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It was Saturday 23rd January 2016.  I woke from the sounds of the Onetangi Beach waves at Waiheke Island hitting the shore.  I slowly got up and started thinking where is mum?
Then I remembered she had gone to drop my brother and dad off at the ferry,  as they were going to pick up our new puppy.
I made my way down stairs and said good morning to everyone when I then found my cousin and said “wanna go for a swim”?
Of course she said yes, because it was high tide and the water was so warm so we got into our togs and went for a really long swim.  
By the time we got out of the water it was already quarter to 1 and mum and i had to pack because our ferry back home was leaving at 2:30 pm.
I raced upstairs and packed my bags, when my mum got a call from my dad saying they were down at Te Awamutu and they had our new puppy. I was sooo excited so mum packed the car, we said our goodbyes then off we went.
We got onto the car ferry and had an hour trip back to Auckland. When we got off the boat my best friend Abigail was standing there waiting because she was coming to stay with us for a week! I was so excited!
She got in the car then off we went. After a 2 hour car trip we finally arrived at home.  I showed Abigail around the house, then because we were so tired… we went to bed. During that week we did lots of different things and a lot of swimming but over all it was a great holiday.

The blue triangle house in at the bottom on the right and side is our batch
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Yaron Overeem said...

Nice One

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun

Anonymous said...

that's a nice view

Anonymous said...

Nice Abby, love the photo